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Empowering to Transform : Challenges of the Year of Jubilee
Authorship Description
Edited by Temsuyanger Aier and Zulunungsang Lemtur.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 168 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457244
ISBN-13 9789395457248, 978-9395457248
Year of Publication 2022.
Further Details In Collaboration with Clark Theological College, Aolijen.
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This book is an outcome of the seminar organised by the Clark Centre for Peace Research and Action (CCPRA) on the theme “Empowering to Transform: Challenges of the Year of Jubilee” in collaboration with Clark Theological College 50th Anniversary Celebration. The articles in this book highlight some of the major themes of Jubilee as the Year of the Lord and as a symbol of peace, liberation, and transformation thereby channelizing us to significantly observe the tradition by responding to the needs of the time.



1. Soliciting Solidarity with All Creation for Peace and Empowerment: Challenges of the Year of

2. Christian Ethical Discourse on the Ethics of Care towards Disability: A Restorative Paradigm
    Y. Tonchingsangla Chang-Humtsoe

3. Plurality and Theo: Challenges and Perspective in Interreligious Education
    Zulunungsang Lemtur

4. The ‘Lockdown’ Effect Upon Adolescent’s Quest for Ego Identity: An Eye Opener to Digital Parenting
    Saji Kumar K. P.

5. Women in the Writings of Sigmund Freud: Implications for Contemporary Research in Counselling
   Tsuknungrenla Longkumer

6. Towards a Methodological Considerations on the Discourse on Sexual Minorities (LGBTQIA+): A Theo-Ethical Paradigm
   M. Zubenthung Humtsoe

7. The Year of Jubilee and its Economy: Re-affirming Holistic Mission of the Church
    Temsuyanger Aier

8. The Challenges of the Year of Jubilee: Jesus Way of Overcoming Violence (Luke 4:16-19)
    A. Tali Ao

Dr. Temsuyanger Aier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Old Testament at Clark Theological College, Aolijen, Mokokchung. He did BSc from Kohima Science College, Kohima; BD from Eastern Theological College, Jorhat; MTh from Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai and DTh from SATHRI/Senate of Serampore College, West Bengal. He is a faculty at Clark Theological College. He is also the author of the book, Reading in Context: 1 Kings 1-11 in a Contemporary Tribal World. He is a regular contributor of articles and essays in various academic journals and edited books.

Dr. Zulunungsang Lemtur is a Faculty at Oikos University in California, USA, and also works as a part-time faculty at Clark Theological College. Dr. Zulu did his BD from Eastern Theological College, Jorhat; MTh in Christian Theology from United Theological College, Bengaluru; Peace Studies from Hartford Seminary, Connecticut, USA; and PhD from Graduate Theological Union (GTU), California, USA. He is also the author of the book Climate Refugee: Towards A Tribal Theology of Restoration and Tribal Cultural Imagination and Theological Conversations. Dr. Zulu has also edited a few books and published more than dozens of articles in national and international journals and edited books.


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