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Leipzig Mission and Dalit Christians in Pandur, Tamil Nadu
Authorship Description
Jayabalan Murthy.
Bibliographical Details xx, 79 p. ills. maps. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481905
ISBN-13 9789351481904, 978-9351481904
Year of Publication 2017.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 52.
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This book exposes the discriminations suffering of Pandur Dalits in Tamilnadu and how the Leipzig Evangelical Missionaries helped them to overcome their situations. The Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission (LELM) was a major mission in Pandur near Chennai. Pandur is intimately associated with Rev. Johannes Kabis who came to India in 1877. Pandur has been a thriving Christian centre for decades with a strong Christian congregation, Church and several institutions. These Christians are descendants of Dalits (former untouchable Paraiyars) who embraced Christianity. From a life of near slavery, poverty, illiteracy, oppression and indignity, conversion to Christianity transformed their lives. Purpose of this book is to elucidate the role of Leipzig missionaries in the social, economic, educational and spiritual life of Pandur Dalits.





1. Introduction

     1.1 Dalit in India

     1.2 Dalit Christians

     1.3 Hypothesis and Research questions

     1.4 Methods

     1.5 Informants

2. Background of Pandur

     2.1 The Tamil people and caste system

     2.2 Fifth Caste

     2.3 Brahminic culture

     2.4 Names given by other

     2.5 The Term `Dalit'

     2.6 Etymology

     2.7 Tamil Nadu under Colonialism

     2.8 Background of Thiruvallur district

     2.9 Geographical

     2.10 Pandur

     2.11 Pandur pastorate

     2.12 Social, Economical, Educational and Religious background of in and around Pandur

3. Arrival and Mission Methods of Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Missionaries

     3.1 Protestant Mission in India

     3.2 Anglican Period

     3.3 Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission

     3.4 Leipzig Missionaries in Pandur

     3.5 Mission Methods of Leipzig Mission Societies

     3.6 Evangelistic Work

     3.7 Intervention of war

     3.8 Swedish Mission in India

     3.9 Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church

4. Evaluating the Motives and Methods of Leipzig Mission through the voices of Pandur Dalit Christians

     4.1 Inducement

     4.2 Education and accommodation

     4.3 Living with the people

     4.4 Living Christian values

     4.5 Challenges

     4.6 Present LELM Projects in Pandur

5. Conclusion



Jayabalan Murthy is a Doctoral student at George August University Goettingen. He completed his Bachelor of Divinity at Gurukul Lutheran Theological & Research Institute, Chennai; M.A. in Christian studies from University of Madras; and M.A. in Intercultural Theology from George August University Goettingen. He has written several articles in German and English; one of his English article entitled Born To Be Broken: Jesus, Christmas and Dalit Shepherds (Published by National Churches Council of India, 2011) was also translated into German and got published in SELK church monthly magazine. His research focus lies on Martin Luther's Theology, impact of German Lutheran Churches in India, Intercultural Studies and Dalit Theology.

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