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Dynamics of Art, Faith and Culture : Theological Essays of Dr. P. Solomon Raj
Authorship Description
Edited by B. S. Moses Kumar, Foreword by Prof. Roger E. Hedlund.
Bibliographical Details xx, 303 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351485307
ISBN-13 9789351485308, 978-9351485308
Year of Publication 2021.
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Dynamics of Art, Faith and Culture is an anthology of theological essays by Dr. P. Solomon Raj. This commemorative compilation consists of 37 essays on themes dearer to his heart, and this is a rich treasure of his theological reflection.

Twenty of these essays are on ‘Art, Faith and Culture’, nine essays on ‘Story Telling, Poetry, Song and Dance’ and eight essays on ‘Missions.' Some of these were presented in Germany at Heidelberg University, Loccum Academy, Academy Bad Boll, Stuttgart, at Martin Luther University, Halle and also in Netherlands, the U.K., the U.S.A., Canada and India.

Again, some of these essays were published in Journals such as Verbum SVD, Exchange, IMAGE, International Review of Missions (WCC), Dharma Deepika, and Contemporary Christian.

Some of these essays are published in books like ‘Dictionary of Mission Theology: Evangelical Foundations,’ ‘The Bible and the Technologies of the Word,’ ‘Christianity in India: Search for Liberation and Identity,’ ‘Living Flame and Springing Fountain,’ ‘Etched Icons: Art Faith and Culture,’ ‘St. John’s Gospel: A Gallery of Hieratic Art,’ ‘Geetha Malika,’ ‘The Yobel Spring’ and ‘We, The Church … Studies in Mission and Evangelization.’

May these Lectures once delivered in those halls of learning, enlightening the respective audience of the times, and those published in such journals blessing the respective readership, continue to speak to new generations through the pages of this volume!


Preface: A Star Ever Shining!
Meet the Artist-Theologian!
Foreword: P. Solomon Raj: Reinvigorated Scholar (1921-2019)

Section I: On Art, Faith and Culture

1. My Story as a Christian Artist
2. My Experiments with Art Expression
3. What is Art and Why This Study?
4. Art, Faith and Culture
5. Art and the Gospel
6. The Prophetic Role of a Christian Artist
7. Artistic Creativity and Prophetic Gift
8. The Influence of Indian Culture on the Church in India With Reference to its art Forms, Image and Liturgy
9. Christian Art in India: A Survey of Recent Trends
10. Christian Art in India: Present Trends and Future Prospects
11. Indian Church and its Response to Culture with Special Reference to Fine Arts and Literature
12. The Bible Seen Through the Cultures of India With Special Reference to India's Art Forms
13. Religious Perceptions of the Masses (Dalits and Tribals) and Their Artistic Expression
14. Passion and Glory of Christ Our Lord as the Artist Sees
15. Indigenization of the Gospel through Art
16. Images in the Bible
17. The Place of Images in Communication With Special Reference to Theological Education
18. Icons in Worship and Renewal
19. 'Prologue' to Etched Icons
20. christianity and Art

Section II: On Story Telling, Poetry, Song and Dance

21. Story-Telling in India With Special Reference to Telugu Language
22. Christian Prabandha Literature
23. Songs of the Pilgrim Churches: The Story of Hymm Tradition of the Indigenous Mission Churches in Andhra Pradesh, India
24. Christian Song Tradition in India with Special Reference to the Prople of Andhra Pradesh Speaking Telugu Language
25. Song Tradition of Telugu-speaking Christians: With Special Reference to the Songs of the Christian Church
26. Dance and Musical Plays in Telugu With Special Reference to Their Subject Matter Content
27. Kim Karthavyam: A Biblical Dance Ballet with a Contemporary Message
28. Image and Song in the Service of Communication
29. Communications and the Gospel

Section III: On Missions

30. Christianity Among the Kammas and Reddys of Andhra Pradesh
31. Indigenous Missions
32. The Christian Theology of Inculturation
33. The Influence of Pentecostal Teaching on Some Folk christian Religious in India
34, The Significance of St. Luke's Teachings to the Contemporary Christian Communities in India
35. Father Devadas and the Story of a Folk Church in India
36. Kosuke Koyama: Is there Anything We Can Learn from His Theological Thought?
37. The Future of Christianity in India

B. S. Moses Kumar has edited yet another quality work from the pen of Dr. P. Solomon Raj. The present endeavor endows the reader with the rich treasure of hitherto hidden nuggets from the wisdom of Solomon Raj. Moses Kumar hails from the same place as Dr. Solomon Raj, and the present work is his ‘labor of love’ in appreciation of a great familial legacy with global impact.

Moses Kumar is a triple graduate in Arts, Divinity and Education. He obtained couple of Masters in Arts and Theology, and earned couple of Doctorates in English and Theology. He authored ‘Setting Stones: An Interpretive History of International Pentecostal Holiness Church in India,’ published by LSR Publications, Franklin Springs, Georgia. His doctoral dissertations were also published as ‘The Religious Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Theological Perspective’ (ISPCK, New Delhi), and ‘Incarnation of the Gospel in Indian Culture: A Study of the Art and Poetry of Pulidindi Solomon Raj’ (Christian World Imprints, New Delhi).

Moses Kumar is presently serving as the Presiding Bishop of IPHC Ministries: South India, and President Emeritus of Hyderabad Bible College, Hyderabad.



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