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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
Authorship Description
P. Rajendra Babu.
Bibliographical Details viii, 221 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher Ist ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486281
ISBN-13 9789351486282, 978-9351486282
Year of Publication 2022.
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US $ 50.00
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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew has been designed specifically to suit the needs and conditions of Indian students who struggle to understand grammar books written by foreign authors. This book makes Hebrew grammar simple and easy to use, particularly for the beginners in Biblical Hebrew. As one who taught the language for many years, the author brought all his teaching experience to bear on this book to make it students-friendly.



1. Alphabet

2. Vowels

3. Syllable

4. Accent

5. Dagesh

6. Gutturals and Res

7. The Article

8. The Conjunction

9. Forms of Sentence in Hebrew

10. Pronouns

11. The Verb

12. Inseparable Prepositions

13. The Noun

14. Adjective

15. Noun with Pronominal Suffixes

16. Segholate Noun

17. Imperfect Verb

18. Imperative, Jussive, Cohortative

19. Infinitive, Participle, Waw Consecutive

20. Stative Verb

21. Verb with Pronominal Suffixes

22. Verbal Stems

23. Irregular Verbs

24. Doubly Week Verbs

25. The Numerals

26. Vocabulary

27. Paradigms

28. Key to Exercise

29. Bibliography

P. Rajendra Babu is retired professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Concordia Theological Seminary, Nagercoil, India. He is also the author of Exile and Theology of Creation.


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