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Reading the Bible with Passion and Engagement : Notes for 100 Bible Studies
Authorship Description
Rev. Dr. Israel Selvanayagam and Foreword by Dhyanchand Carr.
Bibliographical Details xx, 300 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457295
ISBN-13 9789395457293, 978-9395457293
Year of Publication 2023.
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This book illustrates the author’s passion for the Bible from a young age, having experienced a conversion from Fundamentalism to the Fundamentals of the Bible. The notes for 100 bible studies have resulted from a long journey of reading and rereading the biblical texts with commitment and openness, sharing in conversations and leading bible studies for church groups. They are meant to help the users to move away from ritualist and literalist readings on the one hand and rigorous analysis with scientific tools on the other, and to be reflective with some basic critical questions. The questions for group discussions assist in relating biblical insights to contemporary realities. Readers of the Bible with genuine passion and sustained engagement will be surely equipped to be clearer in understanding the core message of the Bible and effective in communicating the good news.




1. Honey, Lamp, and Sword: Handle with Care!

2. Jesus’ Approach to the Scriptures

3. Human Participation in God’s Creation

4. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

5. Sibling Rivalry: Cain and Abel

6. Flood and Rainbow

7. Seeking Self-Glory: Signal of the Tower of Babel

8. Called to be a Blessing – Abraham

9. Distortion and Restoration of Blessing – Jacob

10. Experience of a Liberation Movement

11. Was Moses a Model Leader?

12. The Covenant Code of Law and Commandments

13. The Song of a Woman Warrior

14. Characters of Conscience in a Tale of Terror

15. Was Kingship in Israel God’s Will?

16. King Saul, a Victim of Subversion and Sabotage

17. Was David an Ideal King?

18. The Wisdom and Wickedness of Solomon

19. Prophetic Confrontation of Tyranny – A Hebrew Example

20. God’s Dwelling Place: Changing Perceptions

21. Suffering of the Righteous! – Job

22. Inter-religious Marriage in the Hebrew Scripture

23. Two Women’s Thought-Provoking Songs with Striking Similarity

24. The Significance of the Story of Naomi-Ruth

25. Prophetic Visions for Peace and Reconciliation

26. The Tension between Mercy and Sacrifice

27. True Fasting

28. Voices of Real Wisdom in the Proverbs

29. Early Images and Expectations of Messiah

30. Repenting God and His Unrepentant Servant

31. Gospel from the Margins

32. The Significance of the Genealogies of Jesus

33. The Political Challenge of Jesus’ Birth Narratives

34. Jesus, Continuing with Tradition and Growing with Questions

35. Is there only one Baptism in the New Testament?

36. Handling Scriptures – the Devil and Jesus in the Wilderness

37. Beatitudes in Balance

38. Fulfilling the Law by Revising It

39. The ‘Nazareth Manifesto’ – How to Read it?

40. ‘Lord, teach us to Pray’ – Jesus’ Teaching

41. The Miracles of Jesus

42. Truth-Speaking Demons! Jesus’ Encounter

43. Teaching by Healing: Jesus and a Man born Blind

44. Healing of an Invalid of 38 Years

45. Reconstruction of a Double Miracle

46. Healing Across the Religious Borders

47. Miracles of Raising from the Dead

48. Jesus Calms the Storm

49. The Nature and Significance of Jesus’ Parables

50. The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

51. The Parable of the Bags of Gold

52. The Parable of the Good Samaritan Plus

53. The Parable of the Shrewd Manager

54. The Parable of the Persistent Widow

55. The Parable of the Tenants

56. The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

57. Jesus’ Position on Paying Tax

58. False Prophets, True Prophets and Disciples

59. Snakes and Doves

60. ‘Not Peace but a Sword’!

61. Signs of the Kingdom

62. The Transfiguration

63. Why Did Jesus Say He Was Not Good?

64. New Status as Children of Abraham

65. Children, the Greatest in the Kingdom of God!

66. Warnings on Religious Hypocrisy

67. Can We Say that Jesus Christ Was the Son of David?

68. Jesus, the Son of Man

69. Jesus, the Son of God

70. Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

71. Jesus, the Bread of Life

72. Extraordinary Faith – Jesus

73. Sensible Evil Spirits!

74. Jesus’ Approach to People of Other Religions

75. Temptation of Power and Washing Disciples’ Feet

76. Different Versions of the Great Commission

77. Ransom or Atonement!

78. The Path Towards the Cross

79. Differing Visions of the Risen Lord

80. Precious Pieces of the Pentecostal Explosion!

81. The Identity and Work of the Spirit

82. No Other Name for Salvation?

83. Was Paul’s Conversion to a New Religion?

84. Paul’s Approach to the Religious Other in Athens

85. Back to the Jewish Roots

86. Missionary Voyage, Troublesome yet Witnessing

87. Christian Leadership Models

88. Law and Laws: A Clarification

89. Solemn and Joyful Feast

90. The Power and Powerlessness of the Cross

91. Select Voices of the Poor

92. Repentance and Forgiveness: The Key for Change

93 ‘Do not Misuse the Lord’s Name!’

94. Changing Facets of Jesus Christ

95. Pointers towards the Trinitarian Vision

96. A Template for Evaluation of the Churches

97. Fear God! The Eternal Gospel

98. Bow Down before the Crucified Power!

99. Visions of Hope: A New Heaven and a New Earth

100. When and How Will the End Come?

The Revd Dr Israel Selvanayagam hails from the southern tip of India. After initial pastoral work in churches, he joined the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary in Madurai for theological education and ministerial training. On completion, based in the same seminary, he was engaged in interreligious dialogue, teaching, lay theological education, and writing and editing theological books, mainly in Tamil. His higher studies were in the area of the Hindu Religious Traditions, and from an interreligious perspective he has approached Christian scripture, theology and mission in a unique way as is evident in his extensive publications. After teaching in several theological colleges both in India and the UK, he is currently a Methodist Minister in the multi-religious city of Leicester.


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