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Beyond the Binaries : Transgender Identity and the Philosophical Questions
Authorship Description
Editor: Dr. Dolichan Kollareth.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 150 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457929
ISBN-13 9789395457927, 978-9395457927
Year of Publication 2023.
Series JD Philosophy Series - 28.
Further Details In Collaboration with Jnana Deepa, Pune.
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In a world striving for progress and understanding, the voices of transgender individuals have often been marginalized, overshadowed by discrimination and prejudice. This book centers on transgender lives and delves into the question of transgender identity.

The thirteen chapters encompass a range of topics pertaining to transgender individuals: from the lived experiences they navigate, to historical and cultural analyses of transgender phenomena, societal dimensions of transgender identity, a critical examination of diverse theoretical perspectives on transgender identity, perspectives from the Church, insights from philosophers, and the exploration of resources aimed at nurturing an inclusive society.

As readers go through the book's pages, they will gain insight into the struggles that transgender individuals face and the diverse philosophical perspectives on transgender identity. Beyond theoretical comprehension, this book serves as an inspirational call to action, urging readers to contribute to the creation of a society that is inclusive, compassionate, and just for everyone.



Chapter 1: Journey of Self-Discovery: Embracing My Transgender Identity
Damini Sinha

Chapter 2: An Empirical Study of the Life of a Transgender Individual in India
Arockia Raj and Arockia Pradeep

Chapter 3: Transgender Identity: Historical Recognition, Cultural Practices, and Societal Challenges
Amitha Polimetla

Chapter 4: Nonbinary Gender: Cultural and Contemporary Models
Dolichan Kollareth

Chapter 5: Societal Perception and Mental Well-being of Transgender Persons
Lindsay Lobo

Chapter 6: The Transgender Phenomenon: Philosophical Foundations and Scientific Issues
M. Sahaya Ravi and Nirmal Savio Paul

Chapter 7: The Feminist Approach to Transgenderism
Alphons Pradeep and Vivian Floid Saldanha

Chapter 8: Ethical Questions on Gender Transitioning
Dolichan Kollareth

Chapter 9: Catholic Perspectives on Transgender Persons: Problems and Possibilities
Joshua Kishanth S. and Rejoy Johny

Chapter 10: Synodality as a Call for Embracing Transgender Individuals in the Catholic Church
Savio Saldanha and Ananth Abhinay

Chapter 11: Struggle of Transgender Persons to Belong to a Political Collective
Doni Raja F.

Chapter 12: Beyond Binary: Judith Butler’s Philosophy for an Inclusive Society
Marconi Wahlang and Milton Mervin Raj

Chapter 13: Reading Between the Binaries and Going Beyond
Clement J. Santhanam


Dr. Dolichan Kollareth has a licentiate degree in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Psychology at Jnana Deepa in Pune and holds a position as a Research Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience in Boston College, USA. His research focuses on the areas of emotion, cognition, and culture and his findings have been published in reputable peer-reviewed psychology journals.


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