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Jesus Tradition in Paul and Pauline Circle
Authorship Description
Rev. Dr. Tunchapbo SP.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 264 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher Revised ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457007
ISBN-13 9789395457002, 978-9395457002
Year of Publication 2022.
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The book begins with different sources for the study of the Pauline Traditions. This leads to unfold the diverse worlds that have shaped Paul’s thoughts and theologies. In addition, the book endeavours to present life and work of Paul, meticulous survey of selected New Testament scholars who have made “the Old and New” perspectives on Paul, discussion on Jesus Movement in Paul which will help the readers to understand different Christian expressions and theologies. The book ends dealing with some contemporary issues and explores the relevance of the Pauline teaching today.


Revised Edition Foreword
Revised Edition Preface
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1. The Sources for the Study of Pauline Traditions
    1. Paul’s Biographical Details in His Letters
    2. Portrait of Paul in the Acts of Apostles
    3. Apocryphal Texts: The Acts of Paul and Thecla

2. The Pluriform, Polyglotic World of Paul that Influenced his Theology
    2.1. The Heterodox Jewish World (Judaism)
    2.2. The Hellenistic and Mystery Religious World
    2.3. The Roman World
    2.4. The Early Christian (Pre-Pauline) World

3. Paul: Life and Works
    3.1. Paul of Tarsus, a Hebrew and a Pharisee
    3.2. The “Conversion of Paul”: The Damascus Road Experience as a Transformation and the Call to Become an Apostle to the Gentiles
   3.3. A Chronology of Paul’s Life and Ministry According to Acts and His Letters
   3.4. Pauline Mission
   3.5. Writings of Paul and the Pauline Circle
   3.6. Paul as a Creative Interpreter of the Jesus Movement to Both Jews and Gentiles
   3.7. Pauline Communities: The First Urban Christians
   3.8. Paul’s Self-Understanding as an Apostle, Missionary, Prophet and Pastor

4. Jesus Movement in the Pauline Tradition: Paul, a Follower of Jesus or the Founder of Christianity? A Survey of Critical Scholarship from F. C. Baur to E. P. Sanders: The Old and New Perspective on Paul
    4.1. Hellenistic Christian Paul: The Old Perspective on Paul
    4.2. The Jewish Christian Paul: The New Perspective on Paul
    4.3. Paul Beyond the Hellenism / Judaism Divide
    4.4. Paul, an Advocate of the Ekklesial Space of Emancipation

5. Creative use of Jesus Movement in Pauline Theology
    5.1. Paul and the Person and Work of Jesus Christ (Christology)
    5.2. Christological Titles
    5.3. Pauline Understanding of Salvation (Sin, Justification and Grace)
    5.4. Pauline Understanding of the Messianic Age (Eschatology)
    5.5. Pauline Understanding of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
    5.6. Pauline Understanding of Human Person (Anthropology)
    5.7. Pauline Understanding of Mission to the Jews and Gentiles (Missiology)
    5.8. Pauline Understanding of Church (Ecclesiology)
    5.9. Pauline Use of the Last Supper Tradition (Sacraments)
    5.10. Pauline Ethics
    5.11. Paul’s Teaching on the New Community
    5.12. Spiritual Gifts
    5.13. Paul Use of Scripture / Gospel (Pauline Hermeneutics)

6. Contemporary Relevance of Paul
    6.1. Paul and Women (1 Cor 11:2-16; 14:26-40)
    6.2. Paul and Empire and State (Romans 13)
    6.3. Paul and Slavery (Philemon)
    6.4. Poor and Poverty
    6.5. Paul and Ecology (Rom 8)


Rev. Dr. Tunchapbo SP serves as the Principal of Immanuel Theological Seminary, Tamenglong, Manipur. He did his BD, M.Th. and PhD under the Senate of Serampore College. He is specialized in New Testament. He taught as the Assistant Professor of Calcutta Bible Seminary for five years and a visiting faculty at the Witter Theological College, Wokha. He has contributed a number of articles and book reviews in academic journals. He is married to Mrs. Wigomliu Kalengta SP and blessed with a daughter, Machathuiliu SP.


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