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Birth of the Messiah and the Church : An Exegetical Theological Study of Luke 1:26-38 and Acts 2:1-13
Authorship Description
Dr. Stephen Henry Cosman.
Bibliographical Details xii, 262 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457791
ISBN-13 9789395457798, 978-9395457798
Year of Publication 2023.
Series Wisdom Research Series - 1.
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US $ 45.00 (Ubd.)
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In the Bible, the Holy Spirit staggers us with its unexpectedness. Scripture Professor Fr Stephen Henry brings a Scholar’s knowledge through this book to a wide audience who seek to deepen the understanding of the Holy Spirit. This book offers a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the two pivotal events in the biblical narrative, namely, the birth of the Messiah and the birth of the Church.This book is important, powerful, penetrating and biblically grounded. This book belongs on your shelf containing the study tool that you reach for regular reference.

Fr John Rufus
Vicar General
Diocese of Kottar, Nagercoil

It is my privilege to appreciate the publication of Dr Fr Stephen Henry’s research work with a title, “Birth of the Messiah and of the Church – An Exegetical Theological Study of Luke 1:26-38 and Acts 2:1-13.” Luke is the only Gospel with a sequel. As such Luke not only introduces Jesus and his ministry, but also shows how that ministry relates to the early church era. This excellent work enables us to discuss how God brought his salvation in Jesus and how the earliest church preached Jesus, and how the first believers carried out their mission to both Jew and Gentile by the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). The two great beginnings and their message are virtually and theologically inseparable by the very act of the Holy Spirit. Luke–Acts highlights God’s plan of salvation executed by the power of the Holy Spirit in the birth of Jesus and also in the emergence of the Early Church. Thus, Birth of the Messiah and of the Church explains how Jew and Gentile could end up as equals in a community. I wholeheartedly congratulate Dr Fr Stephen Henry Cosman for this noble contribution to the Church and to the Mission of Biblical Apostolate.

Fr Michael Raj Sebastian
Professor of Biblical Studies
St. Paul’s Seminary, Trichy

Holy Spirit is present since the beginning of creation in every act of God the Bible says. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit represents the instances of Divine intervention and empowerment. Every act of the Holy Spirit has got the transformative power. This book thoroughly analyse the activities of the Holy Spirit especially the two most important ones, namely, the birth of the Messiah and of the Church, the former brought forth the Son of God into the world and the latter marked the inception of the Church as the instrument of salvation for the whole world. This work is interesting and enriching to anyone who wants to delve into the deeper understanding of these two mysteries the Church holds to her heart. I congratulate Dr Stephen for this seminal work.

Fr Antony Das Stalin D.
Professor, Department of Philosophy
St. Paul’s Seminary, Trichy




Chapter 1: Preliminary Investigation of the Text

1. Introduction
2. Delimitation of the Text (Luke 1-2; Acts 1-2)
3. Context of the Text
4. The Relation of the Pericopes to the Rest of the Gospel and Acts
5. Lukan Agenda for the Rest of the Gospel and Acts
6. Conclusion

Chapter 2: Structure and Dynamics of the Two Text Units (Luke 1-2 and Acts 1-2)

1. Introduction
2. The Birth of the Messiah (Luke 1-2)
3. The Agreements and Differences between Matthew and Luke
4. The Birth of the Church (Acts 1-2)

Chapter 3: Exegetical Study of the Text (Luke 1:26-38)

1. Introduction
2. The Meeting and Greeting
3. The Message
4. The Perplexity
5. The Reassurance
6. The Submission

Chapter 4: Exegetical Study of the Text (Acts 2:1-13)

1. The Gathering
2. The Spectacle
3. The Aftermath
4. The Crowd Reaction
5. Conclusion

Chapter 5: Theological Interpretation and Anticipatory Elements

1. Introduction
2. Anticipatory Elements in the Narration
3. Anticipatory Elements – Church’s Mission
4. Anticipatory Elements - Lukan Understanding of the Spirit
5. Journeying Forward – Images of the Church that the Study Reveals
6. Conclusion

General Conclusion

Dr. Stephen Henry Cosman is the Professor of Scripture and Biblical languages at the faculty of Theology, St. Paul’s Seminary, Trichy. He did his licentiate on Scripture at Biblicum, Rome and his doctoral studies at Jnana Deepa Institute, Pune.

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