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Religious Ethics and Ethics of Thirukkural : A Comparative Study Focussing Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Christian and Islamic Ethics
Authorship Description
Dr. S. Muthu Kumar.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 162 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482480
ISBN-13 9789351482482, 978-9351482482
Year of Publication 2018.
Series Interfaith Treasures Uncovered - 11.
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The book presents the life, period and writings of Thiruvalluvar, the great Dravidian Saint and Philosopher. His writings are known as Thirukkural, a great Dravidian literature, which is incomparable with any other writings.

The author asserts that in comparison with the Bible, the Quran and other worldly scriptures; Thirukkural preach a Universal code of life and conduct. The basis for its immortal and universal appeal is to be seen in its secular character, clarity of thought, depth of understanding, perception of the unshifting foundations of human life.

The scholarly work makes a comparative study of religious ethics of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam with that of the Thirukkural. The similarities and dissimilarities between the two and critical comments on the study of religions will assist the readers in understanding that the importance of ethics in life is beyond any religion.



Technical Words

Religious Symbols

1. Introduction

    1.1 Major Branches of Philosophy and their Significance

    1.2 The Function of Philosophy

    1.3 The Philosophy of Religion

    1.4 The Major Religions

    1.5 Ancient Tamil History - A Glance

    1.6 The Life of Thiruvalluvar

    1.7 Thirukkural

    1.8 Aim

    1.9 Hypothesis

    1.10 Methodology

    1.11 Scope

2. Hindu Religious Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

    2.1 Hindu Sects

    2.2 Hindu Religion

    2.3 Comparison of Hindu Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

3. Jaina Religious Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

    3.1 A Brief Biography of Sage Vardhamana Mahavira

    3.2 The Sects of Jainism

    3.3 The Main Tenets of Jainism

    3.4 Comparison of Jaina Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

4. Buddhist Religious Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

    4.1 The Life of Lord Buddha

    4.2 The Sects of Buddhism

    4.3 The Philosophy of Buddhism

    4.4 The Comparison of Buddhist Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

5. Christian Religious Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

    5.1 The Holy Bible

    5.2 Ethics of the Old Testament

    5.3 Ethics of the New Testament

    5.4 Comparison of Christian Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

6. Islamic Religious Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

    6.1 The Main Tenets of Islamism

    6.2 The Philosophy of Islamic Religion

    6.3 Comparison of Islamic Ethics and Thirukkural Ethics

7. Findings of Conclusion


Dr. S. Muthu Kumar studied BD from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune; M.Th. in `Religion and Philosophy' from Asia Institute of Theology, Bangalore; MA in `Philosophy and Religion' from Madurai Kamaraj University; M.Phil. in `Philosophy of Religion' from Annamalai University and PhD in `Comparative Dravidian Literature and Philosophy' from Dravidian University. He is the Dean of Academics and Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at New Life College, Bangalore. He teaches Major World Religions, Philosophy, Christian Ethics, Contemporary Religious Movements and Christian Response to other Faiths to B.Th., M.Div. and M.Th. levels. He taught Christian Ethics, New Age Movements, Christianity and Thirukkural at STM in Malaysia. He is married and blessed with two sons.

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