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Academic Tool Kit : An Instructive Manuel For Research Students
Authorship Description
Dr. Indukuri John Mohan Raju.
Bibliographical Details viii, 160 p. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457368
ISBN-13 9789395457361, 978-9395457361
Year of Publication 2023.
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Today's repidly changing de-globalizing and yet interconnected world demands research graduate with the ability to think critically, to conduct research amidst an overabundance of information sources and to address profound questions and thus approach the problem-solving with imagination and criticality as individuals and also members of a team, Research students must also learn to make a range of informed decisions (professional and life-related) which will sustain and enable them to put their education to be of good use and value in the world, Hope this multipurpose tool kit would be of immense help to those who are pursuing their research at the post-graduate and doctoral levels.



1. Academic Tool Kit: What is it all About? Towards a Rationale

2. Why and for What?

3. Pursuits Are of Many Kinds: What Then is Academic Pursuit?

4. Expectations from the Academia

5. Ideas Matter

6. Developing Academic Skills: Indispensable and Inevitable!

7. Skills Needed at the Pg/Doctoral Levels

8. Academic Writing: How to go About?

9. Guidelines: Writing Assignments and Research Papers

10. Study Skills: Its Benefits and Challenges

11. From Banking Type to Critical and Creative Research Engagement

12. Script on Research

13. Data: To be ‘Objective’ or ‘Subjective’

14. What is Not Right: Who or Goi Methodology on Covid Death Toll?

15. A Set of Guidelines Proposed

16. Guidelines Followed while Examing Scripts

17. Research Design on Thesis Proposal

18. Hypothesis: A Few Tips

19. Book Review

20. We Are @ Tipping Points: Every Part of this Earth is Sacred and Integrated

21. Plagiarism: Not Allowed and Punitive

22. Ingredients Required for Higher-Levels of Education

23. Siloeds Approach in Academics Narrows the Horizons: A Methodological Consideration

24. Integrated Approach: A Methodological Consideration

25. Research with Creative and Critical Application Leads to Ground Breaking

26. Course on Research Methodology for Social Advocacy and Lobbying

27. Field Visits Enhances Action-Reflection Systematization

28. Format for Lesson Preparation

29. While Evaluating the Papers Points to be Observed

30. Process Involved in Doctoral Program with Special Accent to Mentors & Mentoring

31. Theories of Human Society

32. Theologies

33. Theology and Social Sciences: Complimenting and Merging

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