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A Book that Cannot be Titled : Spiritual Insights and Reflections on Deeper Dimensions of Life
Authorship Description
Fr. S. Stephen Jayard.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 123 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482626
ISBN-13 9789351482628, 978-9351482628
Year of Publication 2018.
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US $ 40.00 (Ubd.)
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The picture on the cover page clearly conveys, as the author believes, the theme and the spirit of the book. Yes, a piece of rock here is being hammered and chiseled out to create a particular sculpture. Interestingly, the sculptor himself emerges out of his own efforts to chisel it out. Similarly, the ideas and the insights in this book are given to the readers and they have to situate these ideas in their own life-situations, to find out what they mean to them. They have to draw their own lessons...and lo and behold, there will emerge, in a way, `their own book'!

In today's ultra modern world, people have no time to "think" or to "reflect"; for them time is money; but unfortunately they don't seem to realize that what runs on the dial of a clock are not just the hands of the clock but their very life! Due to lack of introspection and interiorization, the deeper dimension in life is lost and they end up `absolutizing what is relative and relativizing what is absolute', but in both the cases they are the losers! The author, therefore, has purposefully left the book without a title and he is very much interested in what the readers are going to gain personally from the book. Therefore, the freedom and the responsibility of giving a title is meaningfully left to the readers themselves, and that justifies the title of the book: `A BOOK THAT CANNOT BE TITLED' (by the author, of course).


Grateful Acknowledgement


1. To Widen Our Approaches

2. To Deepen Our Spirituality

3. To Enlighten the Youth

4. To Tap the Resources of Our Psychic Power

5. To Enliven Relationships

6. To Live Out Death

7. To Discipline the Desire for Wealth

8. To Realize the Love and Mercy of God

9. Parting Reflections...

Fr. S. Stephen Jayard, a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India, is a Professor at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (Papal Athanaeum), Pune, India. He holds a Doctoral Degree in `Philosophy of Science'. He undertook his post-doctoral research in the USA and Canada. He has been a visiting professor at the International Institute of Information Technology (Hyderabad, India) and Sogang University (Seoul, South Korea). He lectures at several Institutes of Higher Education, presents papers at the national and international conferences, preaches retreats and holds seminars on motivation and management at Colleges and Parishes, in India and abroad. He has published several research papers in the national and international journals. His books include: `Annai Mariyavin Bhakti Muyarchi - Arthamum and Aazhamum (2005); Marian Devotion - Meaning and Message (2007); Sella Vazhi Sellave (2008); Thalaipida Mudiyatha Nool (2011); Towards a Theory of Rationality in Science - A Plea for Reasonableness (2012); and Mary for Modern Times (2014)'.

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