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Christian Missions in Bihar and Jharkhand till 1947 : A Study by P. C. Horo
Authorship Description
Edited by Dr. Jose Kalapura.
Bibliographical Details lx, 278 p. maps. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351480380
ISBN-13 9789351480389, 978-9351480389
Year of Publication 2014.
Further Details In Collaboration with Gossner Theological College, Ranchi.
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Christianity in India is nearly two millennia old. Along with Hinduism and other prominent minority religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, it has become a part of the religious heritage of India, which is known for its religiosity and religious diversity. Therefore, the History of Christianity in India is a part of the History of this land. So also, the History of the Christian community is an aspect of the general history of the people of this country.

This book deals with the History of Christianity in Bihar and Jharkhand till the year of Indian Independence, in 1947, based on a detailed description of Christian Missions established by different Missionary Organizations during the period. It is a Mission-oriented History with focus on the missionaries. This scholarly study highlights the benign presence of hundreds of dedicated missionaries and their heroic work among the poor, the marginalized and the sick wherever they operated, effecting significant transformation in the Christian community in particular, and the wider ambient society, in general.

This book is the fulfillment of a dream of Prof. Prem Chand Horo, to publish his thesis in book form, highlighting the contribution of the Christian Missions toward nation building. The efforts of Dr. Fr. Jose Kalapura further adds to the scholarly contents by his able editing, checking the facts and rectifying any methodological drawbacks, without altering the content of the research, besides adding an informative Appendix on the Missions and a suitable Introduction giving an overview, thus making it relevant, readable for students, researchers and general readers alike.



Preface and Acknowledgements

Profile of Prof. Prem Chand Horo

Map of Christian Centres in Undivided Bihar

Introduction : A Historical Overview of the Church in Bihar and Jharkhand at the Turn of the 21st Century / Jose Kalapura

1. The Catholic Mission in Bihar

2. The Catholic Mission in Jharkhand

3. The Baptist Missionary Society in Bihar

4. The Church Missionary Society in Bihar and Jharkhand

5. The Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Bihar and Jharkhand

6. The Anglican Mission/Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Mission in Jharkhand

7. The Santal Mission of the Northern Churches in Jharkhand

8. The Santal Mission of the United Free Church of Scotland in Bihar and Jharkhand

9. The Dublin University Mission in Jharkhand

10. Other Christian Missions in Bihar and Jharkhand

Summary and Conclusion




Dr. Jose Kalapura, Patna Jesuit Priest, did his MA in History from Pune University, M. Phil and Ph. D. in Christian History from New Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has authored/co-authored 12 books, and has 70 research papers of which 60 papers have been published in edited books, encyclopedias and journals.

He is a life member of the Indian History Congress and Member of the Church History Association of India. He was twice awarded Dr. I. G. Khan Memorial Best Paper in Science History: at the Indian History Congress, 2006, in Vishwabharati University, and in 2007 in Delhi University.

He taught History at St. Xavier's College, Patna and Christian History for several years at four Theology Institutes in India. He is currently the Executive Editor of the Indian Church History Review, and is the Director of Xavier Institute of Social Research, at Patna.

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