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Insights from Love and Logic in Arrangement with `Financial Chronicle'
Authorship Description
Prof. Kuruvilla Pandikattu.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 198 p. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481670
ISBN-13 9789351481676, 978-9351481676
Year of Publication 2017.
Series My Sacred Bull - 4.
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US $ 45.00 (Ubd.)
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What is the relationship between love and logic in actual life? What is the relevance of spirituality for the contemporary men and women who do not have the luxury to spend hours in prayer? Can spirituality emerge from the ordinary, boring and mundane experiences of an average human being? Open-minded and visionary, the articles in this book are meant to touch the daily life of busy people who are fully involved in the struggles and success of daily life. For better clarity and convenience, these articles are divided into eight approximate and arbitrary sections:

     * Religion and Life
     * Stories that Connect
     * Poetry and Language
     * Spirituality and Service
     * Science and Religion
     * Depth of Life * Keys to Happiness
     * Suffering and Evil

Limited to 625 words, they appeared first in the `Financial Chronicle,' one of the most prestigious business and financial newspapers of India, and they attempt to provide us with both roots and wings: rooted that will give them a sense of belonging to the rich Indian heritage and wings that will take them forward based on the spiritual depth. This book, `Insights from Love and Logic: In Arrangement with Financial Chronicle' is a humble attempt to lead genuine spiritual life in our contemporary context.





Religion and Life

1. Religion too Needs Innovation, Change

2. Religion Must not be Linked to Superstition

3. Personal Religious Conversion is Vital

4. Can Religion Foster Good Behaviour?

5. Between the Plausible and the Ridiculous

6. Developing Moral, Spiritual Capacity

Stories that Connect

7. Reading Stories Can Alter How We Think

8. Connect Your Life Story to Spirituality

9. How We Can Connect Ourselves to Others

10. Why are Choices Important to Life?

11. When Profit Takes Over Public Interest

12. How Storytelling Can Connect Us Internally

13. Gaining Wisdom through Stories

14. Our Common Story

Poetry and Language

15. Idleness May Be the Ideal Sometimes

16. We must Behold the Beauty of Life

17. Turns out, You Can Cultivate Compassion

18. Is it too Difficult to Forgive and Forget?

19. Generosity Leads to Win-Win Situations

20. An Economic and Spiritual Language

21. Poetry Often Links Culture and Society

Spirituality and Services

22. When Regrets of the Dying Teach Us to Live

23. What Christmas Really Teaches Us

24. The Synthetic Allure of Narcissistic Spirituality

25. Genuine Progress is also Spiritual

26. Celebrating Material Possessions Mindfully

27. Attain Liberation through the Body

28. Finding Spirituality in Ordinary Things

29. India's Greatest Gift to the World

Science and Religion

30. Science and Religion Must be Open to Change

31. Pace of Life Affects Perception of Time

32. The Bridge between Science and Religion

33. Einstein's Thought on Prayer Teaches Us a Lot

34. When Religion and Science Collaborate

35. What if We Connect Our Brain and Mind?

36. Genuine Spirituality Means True Humanity

37. What We Can Learn from Agnosticism

Depth of Life

38. When People Dare to Dream for the World

39. Do Ecosystems Reside in Our Bodies as Well?

40. Does Good Always Triumph Over Evil?

41. Search the Human Heart for Goodness

42. Get to the Depth through Deepities

43. Roots and Routes as our Foundation

44. In the Eternal Quest for Reality and Truth

Keys to Happiness

45. Meditation for Better Mental Clarity, Focus

46. When You Feel a Stroke of Insight

47. Dispositional Attitude and Individual Destiny

48. The Mere Pursuit of Happiness Thwarts It

49. In Life, Happiness and Meaning are Seperate

50. More Does Not Always Mean Something Better

51. Human Bias towards Happiness

52. Christmas Brings the Best in Us

53. So, How is Your Eudemonia Doing?

54. Warren Buffett's Key to Happiness

Suffering and Evil

55. Encounter the Best and the Worst in Us

56. To Succeed, Embrace your Vulnerability

57. Where Tragedy Meets Eternity

58. Ways of Reaping Larger Rewards

59. Utilise Compassion Instead of Empathy

60. Is Virtual Empathy Becoming a Reality?

61. Google's Way to Attain Physical Immortality

62. Deep Reading Boosts Our Empathetic Ability




Prof. Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ holds two doctorates and has been involved in creative dialogue between science and religion. Author/editor of more than 40 books, he teaches philosophy at Jnana-Deepa Vidypeeth: Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Religion and is a regular columnist for `Financial Chronicle,' Hyderabad. He is a Jesuit priest belonging to Dumka-Raiganj Province and an accomplished teacher and writer in making religion relevant to our times.

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