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Biblical Texts and the Women Living with HIV and AIDS : Transforming Attitudes within the Indian Church and Community alongside the Medico-Legal Exposure
Authorship Description
T. Aaron Martin.
Bibliographical Details xx, 105 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482863
ISBN-13 9789351482864, 978-9351482864
Year of Publication 2018.
Series Biblical Hermeneutics Rediscovered - 16.
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This book discovers the possibility of looking at the Biblical Texts through the eyes of women who are living with HIV and AIDS. In this postmodern world, there is always a stigmatic perspectival look towards the people who are living with pandemics such as HIV and AIDS. This research work is an attempt to excavate liberative elements from the Bible for the sake of attitudinal transformation. For this, the author has dealt in with three Old Testament passages in particular.

This learned work also ensures that the Biblical narratives could be re-interpreted from the perspectives of women living with HIV and AIDS to excavate practical implications and to contribute an alternative consciousness toward transforming the thinking of the Indian Church and society.



List of Acronyms


1. HIV and AIDS

    1. AIDS - The Epidemic

    2. How is HIV Transmitted?

    3. Misconceptions

    4. Mode of Infection

    5. Conversion of HIV into AIDS

    6. Symptoms of HIV and AIDS

    7. Consequences of HIV and AIDS

    8. Factors that contribute to HIV and AIDS-related stigma

    9. Forms of Discrimination and Stigmatization

    10. AIDS and LAW

    11. Women and AIDS

    12. What is it difficult for women to protect

    13. Human Rights and AIDS

    14. The Protected Human Rights

    15. Religion and AIDS

2. Exegetical Study of Select Passages

Numbers 12:10-16

    1. Translation

    2. Source

    3. Structure

    4. Literary Context

    5. Explanation

    6. Was Miriam a born leader or a chosen leader? or both?


    8. Theological Connotations

    9. General Observations

    10. Why was Miriam being punished with leprosy?

    11. What sort of pain, would Miriam have experienced when she was infected with leprosy?

    12. Emotions of Miriam when she was placed outside the camp?

    13. How is this story significant for the AIDS affected woman in India?

    14. Does this text have any liberative elements for the AIDS sufferer? If so what are they? What lessons does the text offer to the community/church?

2 Kings 5:8-14

    15. Translation

    16. Date of Compilation

    17. Structure

    18. Genere

    19. Context

    20. Character study

    21. Setting


    23. Explanation

    24. Theological Connotations

    25. Why was Naaman seeking to have his leprosy cured?

    26. What were Naaman's expectations when he was washing himself in the Jordan River?

    27. Since Naaman was infected with leprosy, what problems might he have faced as a captain for the host of King Syria?

    28. How is this Story significant for AIDS affected woman in India?

    29. Does this text have any liberative elements for the AIDS sufferer? If so what are they? What lessons does the text offer to the community/church?

Ezekiel 37:1-14

    30. Translation

    31. Date and Time

    32. Structure

    33. Literary Context

    34. Explanation


    36. Theological Connotations

    37. General Observations

    38. Can the dead bones be brought back to life?

    39. What could have been the attitude of the prophet while prophesying to the dead bones?

    40. How far does this text help you to affirm God as `God of life"?

    41. How is this story significant for AIDS affected people in India?

    42. Does this text have any liberative elments for the AIDS sufferer? If so what are they? What lessons does the text offer to the community/church?

3. Implication for the Church

    1. HIV and AIDS : Is it a punishment for Sin?

    2. Bible as a Resource

    3. The Task of the Church

    4. Function of a Church Leader

    5. Preaching on HIV and AIDS

    6. Affirmation as People of God

    7. Combating Stigma/Guilt

    8. Advocacy

    9. Attitudinal Change

    10. Action plan

    11. Expectations of Women Living with HIV and AIDS




Thomas Aaron Martin is an ordained priest from Evangelical Church of India (ECI). He earned his BA in Sociology from Loyola College, Chennai and MA in Christian Studies from Madras University, Chennai. He pursued his theological education BD and M.Th from Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute, Chennai. After completing M.Th in the field of Old Testament in the year 2011, he started his teaching ministry at Madras Theological Seminary & College (MTSC), Chennai. Currently he is a doctoral candidate at Asian Centre for Theological Studies & Missions (ACTS), South Korea.

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