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Christian Ministry : Interdisciplinary Reimaginations in Changing Times
Authorship Description
Editors: Rev Dr V. S. Varughese and Rev Dr Mothy Varkey.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 143 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 935148548X
ISBN-13 9789351485483, 978-9351485483
Year of Publication 2021.
Further Details In Collaboration with Mar Thoma Theological Seminary, Kottayam. Festschrift in honour of Rev. Dr. Prakash K. George.
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This volume tries to critically engage with the changing times to search for interdisciplinary reimaginations. It demands new hermeneutical stances that take into account the epistemological and existential particularities of the time. It challenges us to revisit the structures of the society in order to emulate a paradigm that can been visioned which reimagines, reinterprets and re-presents the social norms and discourses. This paradigm should enable the community to be shaped and be instilled with a collective consciousness that enlivens counter-discourses.


Most Rt Rev Dr Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan

Rt Rev Dr Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa

Rt Rev Dr Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa

Rev Dr V. S. Varughese (Editor)

1. Rethinking Theology and Religion under the Conditions of COVID-19 and Economic Calamity / Joerg Rieger
2. God in the Age of Pandemic / Y. T. Vinayaraj
3. Ecology and the COVID Pandemic / M. J. Joseph
4. Cultural Hermeneutics: An Entry into the Biblical Text / C. I. David Joy
5. Derrida and the Bible / John Samuel Ponnusamy
6. Ancient Christian Interpretation of the Seripture and the Orthodox Hermeneutics / Reji Mathew
7. Food and Water Imageries in Isaiah 55:1-6 and a Globalised Consumerist World / Royce M. Victor
8. When Ministry becomes Exclusivist and Propagandist: The Episode at Mt. Carnel (1 Kings 18) / M. C. Thomas
9. Reimagining Christian Ministry and Reinventing Ekklesia: Church and Transgender Ministry / George Daniel
10. Christian Discipleship and Community Responsibility: Key Insights and Lessons in the Context of the Pandemic / Joseph Daniel
11. The Vulnerability of Adolescents to Internet Compulsivity: Imperative to Widen the Horizons of Pastoral Care / Abraham Skariah
12. Restructuring Ministry: Personal Formation of a Minister / Koshy P. Varughese
13. 'Intimate Terrorism' in the Age of the Global Sabbatical / Mothy Varkey

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