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Introducing Evangelical Homiletics : An Indigenous Approach
Authorship Description
Bibliographical Details xviii, 175 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351484831
ISBN-13 9789351484837, 978-9351484837
Year of Publication 2020.
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The book attempts to examine the evangelical preaching done by the indigenous preacher K. Lalhmingliana and his team called El-Bethel Evangelistic Team. It is an attempt to prove an assumption that the preaching of Evangelical preaching is more attractive than that of the Conventional Pastoral preaching of the Church and has created negative attitudes between the preaching of El- Bethel Team and the traditional Church preaching.

Against all the negativity; the author asserts that the creativity, commitment and thoughtfulness of K. Hminga and his team has enriched the church and helped it to move forward for the extension of the Kingdom of God. People did not reject the preaching of the Pastors and Elders, as a result of the preaching of K. Hminga. Ecumenism was restored among the churches due to the ministry of El-Bethel Team.



1. Introduction
2. The Formation of the EI-Bethel Team and the Gospel Camp
3. K. Lalhmingliana: His Evangelical Sermons and Their Analysis
4. The Homiletic Structure and the Illustrations
5. Theology of EI-Bethel Evangelistic Team
6. The Analysis of the Questionnaire, Findings, Hypothesis Tested, and Final Conclusion

Appendix-1: List of Interviewee
Appendix-2: EI-Bethel Counselling
Appendix-3: The Sermons of K. Lalhmingliana, Themes and Biblical References
Appendix-4: Table Showing the Growth Rate of Chanmari and Dawrpui Vengthar Pastorate Offering from 1987-1997

Rev. Lalchawimawia (B. Th., B. D., M. Th.) is an ordained minister under the Presbyterian Church of India, Mizoram Synod. He served as a Pastor at four pastorates in three different states within India. He had also been a missionary pastor for seven years in Assam and Delhi. He taught at Leonard Theological College, MP as an Assistant Professor for 6 years. Since 2017 he is teaching Homiletics and Church Administration in the Christian Ministry department as an Associate Professor at Aizawl Theological College, Mizoram.

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