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Ecological Crises and Responses : Scientific and Spiritual Perspectives on Breath of Earth and Depth of Life
Authorship Description
Sony J. Chundattu, CMI.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 149 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351484874
ISBN-13 9789351484875, 978-9351484875
Year of Publication 2020.
Series Christ College Pune Research Series-2.
Further Details In Collaboration with Christ College, Pune.
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US $ 45.00 (Ubd.)
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Dr. Sony Chundattu, through this book, helps us to rethink about our existence in this universe not as a problem but as a provider of solution and hope. … This book is indeed documentation and rational analysis of the present crisis and how to move forward rationally, ethically and spiritually to exist, co-exist and pro-exist. I congratulate Dr. Sony Chundattu for coming up at this critical juncture with the precious book “Breath of Earth, Depth of Life” which will definitely enable us to breathe smoothly and encounter our life in this universe as a custodian rather than an annihilator!



1. The Serious Issue: The Climate Crisis
2. The Serious Issue: Mass Extinction
3. Embracing the Earth: Being Part of Nature
4. At Home in the Universe: The Tribal Way
5. Being Part of the Solution
6. Being Agents of Hope
7. The Economic Basis
8. Moral Responses
9. Spiritual Commitment


Dr. Sony J. Chundattu, CMI is the Director of Christ College, Pune, and author of the book Calotropis - An Elixir for Liver. He is conferred with FELLOW award from IBRF for his outstanding contribution in the field of Academic Administration. He is also the recipient of Golden Award of Human Excellence for Global Peace from United Nations University for Global Peace - USA and World Peace Excellence Award 2018 from World Achievers Foundation, Kolkata.

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