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Human Project Versus Divine Project : An Exegetical and Theological Study of Gen 11:1-9
Authorship Description
Fr. William John Bosco, VC.
Bibliographical Details xxx, 110 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9360651079
ISBN-13 9789360651077, 978-9360651077
Year of Publication 2024.
Series Wisdom Research Series - 2.
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In this book, William John Bosco VC makes a pictorial and creative illustration of the literary beauty and dynamics of Gen 11:1-9. He draws out the text’s significance for today in a powerful and effective manner.

Dr. M. Paul Raj
Jnana Deepa
Pontifical Institute of Philosophy & Religion, Pune

This book on scripture has the capacity to uplift, enlighten, and promote deep reflection. It gives the reader the chance to dig into the intricate web of spiritual teachings and discover new angles on well-known passages.

Dr Walter D’Souza
St. Pius X College, Mumbai

This book by Fr. William John Bosco, VC, is indeed an excellent scholarly work in the field of Biblical Studies. It provides a systematic study of “The Tower of Babel” (Gen 11:1-9) by employing the necessary exegetical tools. The author carefully approaches and critically analyse every aspect of the narrative and brings out its theological richness.

Dr. Antony Madalaimuthu
Professor of Old Testament, Good Shepherd Seminary, Coimbatore

What makes one read this book is the way the author has reviewed the literature available on this story and has gone ahead to study the entire 9 verses of it in its literary context in a synchronic way to cull out something pastorally useful and relevant.

Dr. Arasakumar Rayappan

By delving into the depths of Genesis 11, the author aims to discern the broader implications of the human-divine relationship, transcending the confines of one specific religious tradition.

Fr. Jilson Matthew Kakkattupilly, VC
Provincial Superior of St. Joseph’s Province
S. H. Mount, Kottayam



General Introduction

1. Choice of the Subject
2. Goal of the Study
3. Literature Review
4. Itinerary of the Study
5. Scope and Limitation of the Study

Chapter 1: Approaching the Text


1.1. Delimitation of the Text
1.2. Literary Context of the Primeval History Gen 1–11
1.3. The Socio-Cultural Context of Gen 11:1–9
1.4. The Context of Gen 11:1–9
1.5. Translation and Textual Notes: Gen 11:1–9


Chapter 2: The Structure and Dynamics of Gen 11:1–9


2.1. The Structure of Gen 11:1–9
2.2. Criteria for Textual Division
2.3. Structural Division of Gen 11:1–9
2.4. Proposed Structural Outline of Gen 11:1–9
2.5. The Dynamics of Gen 11:1–9


Chapter 3: Textual Analysis and Interpretation of Gen 11:1–9


3.1. Prologue (vv. 1–2)
3.2. Direct Discourse of Humankind and Their Plan (Gen 11:3–4)
3.3. Intervention of YHWH (Gen 11:5)
3.4. Direct Discourse of YHWH (Gen 11:6–7)
3.5. Epilogue (Gen 11:8–9)


Chapter 4: Theological Synthesis and Actualization of Gen 11:1–9


4.1. Theological Synthesis of Gen 11:1–9
4.2. Actualization: Theological Implication of Gen 11:1–9

General Conclusion

Fr. William John Bosco is a member of the Vincentian Congregation (VC) and hails from Sesurajapuram parish in the diocese of Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. He has done his licentiate in Biblical Studies at Jnana-Deepa Institute, Pune. He holds Master’s degrees in English Literature, Sociology and Christian Studies from Annalmali and Madras Universities. He has also completed his B.Ed studies at Bangalore University and has served as an educationist and headmaster of Sagaya Madha Hr. Sec. School, Chengam for three years. He has been the director of the Vincentian popular mission retreats in Tamil Nadu region and has animated parish community retreats in many parishes of Tamil Nadu. Currently, he serves as the director of Arulalayam Retreat Centre (VC), Ambattur, Chennai.


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