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Christianity among the Meiteis in Manipur : A Missiological Perspective
Authorship Description
Dr. L. Bimol.
Bibliographical Details xx, 267 p. ills. maps. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482588
ISBN-13 9789351482581, 978-9351482581
Year of Publication 2018.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 61.
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This book comprises a study and analysis of the causes for rejection of Christianity among the Meiteis in Manipur valley. The upshot of the research is that there are three causes for this rejection, i.e., Sanskritisation; Revival of traditional religion and British colonialism in Manipur, and goes on to examine these in detail. Christianity was brought to the Meiteis in 1894. Yet out of approximately 1.3 million Meiteis in Manipur valley alone, there are today not many Christians even after more than a century of missionary endeavor. This fact has made the author raise questions about the resistance of Christianity among the Meiteis in general, and to make a study of this problem. The book then goes on to argue that the study of the causes for rejection of Christianity is crucial at this point of time as the rejection of Christianity in this community is increasingly obvious, and in fact minority Meitei Christians are now faced with persecution.






       1. Statement of the Problem

       2. Elaboration of the Problem

       3. Importance of the Study

       4. Scope and Limitation

       5. Previous Research

       6. Structure of the Study

1. Manipur : An Overview

       1. Geographical Background

       2. Anthropological Background

2. Christianity in Manipur (1894-1943)

       1. North-East India before the Coming of Christianity

       2. The Early Missional Activity in Northeastern Region

       3. Christianity in Manipur

       4. The Genesis and Endeavour of Meitei Baptist Association (1982-2008)

       5. An Appraisal

3. Sanskritization of Meiteis : The Principal Cause for Rejection of Christianity

       1. Beginning of Hinduism in Manipur Valley

       2. Immigration of Brahmins

       3. The Rise of Vaishnavism as the State Religion

       4. Neo-Vaishnavism in Manipur

       5. Religious Syncretism

       6. The Success of Vaishnavism in Manipur

       7. Impact of Sanskritization

       8. Concluding Remarks

4. Revivification of Traditional Religion : A Major Cause for Rejection of Christianity

       1. Traditional Values and Beliefs

       2. Revivification Movement

5. British Colonialism in Manipur : Minor Cause for Rejection of Christianity

       1. Early Connection with British

       2. Beginning of Direct British Rule

       3. Outbreak of Opposition to Economic Control--`Nupi Lan'

Retrospection and Conclusion



Dr. L. Bimol Meitei has been serving the Lord for the last 14 years in various capacities. He holds several theology degrees, including Doctor of Theology (2014), all from SATHRI/Senate of Serampore. His ministerial service includes chaplainship at Manipur Theological College, Manipur; Program Coordinator for OM Northeast India and Vice Principal of Association for Theological Education in Nepal, Kathmandu. He is married to Dr. Nyimang and they are blessed with a son, Manna. Currently, he is the Head of the Department of History-Mission cluster at UBS, Pune.

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