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Insights from Reason and Religion in Arrangement with `Financial Chronicle'
Authorship Description
Prof. Dr. Kuruvilla Pandikattu.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 229 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351480704
ISBN-13 9789351480709, 978-9351480709
Year of Publication 2015.
Series My Sacred Bull - 2.
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Today more and more people are getting convinced that the future humanity depends on how science and religion can collaborate with each other. This book contains short articles on reason (science) and religion (spirituality) meant for a general audience, who may or may not be organisationally religious. They are meant to inspire a band of young and old women and men to think deeply about themselves, leading to deeper insights and wisdom. It is the author's conviction that genuine spirituality is open-ended and reaches to the other in love and compassion. Open-minded and visionary, these articles are meant to touch the daily life of busy people who are fully involved in the struggle and success of daily life. So, the articles are limited to 625 words. They attempt to enhance the precious and vulnerable life by reaching out to others. It assumes that only when we can maintain the healthy tension between the spiritual and material aspects of life, we become more authentic.

The Author has roughly categorized the articles into the following nine sections:

       * Human Uniqueness

       * Human Compassion

       * Mind and Body

       * Science and Religion

       * Truth and Reality

       * Towards Greater Authenticity

       * Evolving Spirituality

       * Openness to the Deeper

       * Lessons from Life

These articles appeared in the "My Mind" Op-Ed Column of Financial Chronicle.

Dr. Kuruvilla Pandikattu (born 1957-) is Professor of Physics, Philosophy and Religion at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India, since 1996. He has three Masters' Degrees in Physics and Philosophy and two Doctorates in Philosophy and Theology to his credit. He has been actively involved in dialogue between science and religion. Author of more than 30 books and 160 academic articles, Pandikattu is a Jesuit priest belonging to Dumka-Raiganj Province, India. He has been involved in organising more than 20 national and international conferences on science-religion dialogue. He has visited more than 15 countries and attended more than 100 conferences on Philosophy, Theology and Science-Religion Dialogue. Because of his creative and committed writings, he has been in the editorial board of five philosophical/religious journals. He is a renowned author, spiritual leader, motivational speaker and research guide. His main topics of research are: Anthropology, Eschatology and Transhumanism.

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