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Basic Elements of Hinduism
Authorship Description
Prof. Rev. Dr. T. Swami Raju.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 307 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486095
ISBN-13 9789351486091, 978-9351486091
Year of Publication 2022.
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Basic Elements of Hinduism is, perhaps, designed to meet the needs of students based on Senate of Serampore College (University) syllabus, which is, indeed, a systematic attempt to provide basic information on Hindu religious traditions. It provides a general view on derivation, definitions and characteristics of Hindu religious tradition. It deals with issues related to pre Vedic and Vedic religion and culture, chronological historical development of Hinduism from pre Vedic period to modern period. There is a detailed discussion on Sruti and Smriti literature covering major concerns, issues and teachings of Hindu scriptures from Samhitas to Agamas.

It attempts analytically basic philosophical foundations of Hinduism such as Nyaya, Vaishesika, Sankhya, Yoga, Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa. Also it provides basic information on different Vedantic schools developed in Hinduism such as Sankara’s Advaita, Ramanuja’s Vishistadvaita and Madhva’s Dvaita. Indeed, it gives a critical review on the origin and development of Hindu Bhakti movements; and provides needed information on Hindu samskaras, rituals and festivals.

This book discusses critically and unearths the basic ethical issues of Hinduism reviewing various scriptures of Hinduism. It provides a detailed discussion on popular/folk/village Hinduism and highlights some of the regional popular cults such as Chennakesava-Cult, Vira-Cult, Muttukutti Ayyakhuzil, Sangam and Teyyam. A critical and analytical attempt is focused on the issues of our contemporary Hinduism, such as Hindutva-Fundamentalism, Adivasi/Tribal and Patriarchal/Women issues. This book, indeed, helps as a text book to students of Hinduism.




Chapter 1: Hinduism: A General View

1. Derivation of the Term "Hindu”
2. Definitions of the Term Hindu
3. Basic Characteristic of Hinduism

Chapter 2: Basic Elements of Pre-Vedic and Vedic Religion

1. Basic Elements of Pre–Vedic Religion
2. Basic Elements of Vedic Religion
3. Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Pre-Vedic and Vedic Religions

Chapter 3: Basic Elements in the Historical Development of Hinduism

1. The Chronological Development of Hinduism

Chapter 4: Basic Elements of Sruti Literature

1. Sruti Literature
2. Samhitas
3. Aranyakas
4. Brahmanikas/Brahmanas
5. Upanishads

Chapter 5: Basic Elements of Smriti Literature

1. Epics (Ithihasas)
2. Sutras
3. Puranas
4. Agamas: Conceptual Clarifications

Chapter 6: Basic Elements in Philosophical Foundations of Hinduism

1. Nyaya and Vishesika Darsanas
2. Samkhya and Yoga
3. Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa

Chapter 7: Basic Elements in Vedantic Schools of Hinduism

1. Sankara’s Advaita Vedanta
2. Ramanuja’s Visistadvaita
3. Madhva’s Dvaita

Chapter 8: Basic Elements in Bhakti Movements of Hinduism

1. Derivation and Definition of the Term Bhakti
2. Origin of the Bhakti Movement
3. Bhakti Movement in South India
4. Bhakti Movement in North India
5. Development of Hindu Bhakti Movement
6. Salient Features of Bhakti Movement
7. Bhakti Movement as a Steering Factor

Chapter 9: Basic Elements in Hindu Samskaras, Rituals and Festivals

1. Samskaras
2. Rituals in Hinduism
3. Hindu Festivals

Chapter 10: Basic Elements of Hindu Ethics

1. Ethical Issues in Hindu Scriptures: A Brief Overview
2. Basics of Hindu Ethics
3. The Foundational Principles of Hindu Ethics
4. Major Issues of Hindu Ethics: Purusarthas
5. Levels of Hindu Ethics
6. Paradox in Hindu Ethics
7. Right and Wrong in Hindu Ethics
8. Benefits of the Practice of Ethics
9. Contemporary Ethical Issues and Challenges to Hinduism

Chapter 11: Basic Elements of Popular/Folk/Village Hinduism

1. Popular/Rural/Folk Hinduism
2. Popular Cults

Chapter 12: Basic Elements of Contemporary Hinduism

1. Hindutva - Hindu Fundamentalism
2. Adivasis/Tribals & Hinduism
3. Women and Patricidal Issues in Hinduism



Prof. Rev. Dr. T. Swami Raju hails from a small village called Tadivakavari Palem of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh and has earned B.Sc., M.A (Eng), B.D., M.A (Phil)., M.Th. & D.Th (Hinduism as specialization). He is ordained in 1987 from AELC and worked as pastor from 1986-1991 and joined ACTC in June 1993 for teaching in the Department of Religion, Culture & Philosophy. He has been serving as Registrar, Advanced Institute for Research on Religion and Culture, Hyderabad since June 2019. He is elected as Principal Designate by the ACTC Board of Governors to serve ACTC as Principal for Lutheran term from June 2022. He has authored many books and articles, the list is provided inside for reference.


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