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Re-Visioning Methods and Approaches in the Study of Religion : Essays in Honour of Swami Raju Tadivaka
Authorship Description
Editors: Pranay Bin, Aorenla Longchar and Pamhor Thumra.
Bibliographical Details xii, 257 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351483762
ISBN-13 9789351483762, 978-9351483762
Year of Publication 2019.
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The Festschrift-Re-Visioning Methods and Approaches in the Study of Religion: Essays in Honour of Swami Raju Tadivaka-is a collection of 20 articles in honour of Prof. Rev. Dr. Swami Raju Tadivaka edited by his doctoral students Pranay Bin, Aorenla Longchar and Pamhor Thumra. This collection primarily studies the issues, methods and approaches in the study of religion. The underlying theme of book is that while the systematic study of religion as a modern phenomenon contributed richly to understand the nature and function of religion, an appraisal of these methods and approaches has become indispensable in the post-modern contexts. It advocates pluralistic and dialogical methods and approaches in the contemporary study of religions. The contributors of these essays comprise of teachers, colleagues and students of Swami Raju Tadivaka.



Section - I

1. Understanding Religion(s)-Is A Particular Faith A Handicap? / Eric J. Lott
2. Challenges of the Plurality of Scriptures and Responses / Israel Selvanayagam
3. Towards A Feminist Theological Methodology for India / Santanu K. Patro
4. Journey of Truth for the People of God towards Interfaith Harmony and Peace / Jetti A. Oliver
5. Re-Visioning Methods and Approaches in the Study of Religions / Arun Gopal

Section - II

6. Sri Sri Ravishankar's Interpretation of Jesus Christ: A Critical Appreciation / Rodinmawia Ralte
7. Messianic Love: Personal Reflection from Inter-Faith Perspective / V. Kanagu Nelson
8. The Study of Religion: Islamic Perspective / S. S. Waheedulla Hussaini Quadri Multani
9. A Critical Reading of `Modernity and Religion' in the Sociology of Peter Berger / Satvasheela Pandhare

Section - III

10. A Study of Religion from Postmodern Perspective / Pramay Bin
11. Understanding the Concept of Guru in Hinduism / Gifta Angeline Kumar
12. A Study on Aloysius Pieris' Encounter of Religious Pluralism / Aorenla Longchar
13. Islamic Studies: A Post-Modern Approach / Pamhor Thumra
14. Anekantavada: A Method for Religious Pluralism / Otoka S
15. Contribution of Vijayanagara Empire towards Bhakti Movement of Haridasas / Baila Chanakesavalu
16. Revisiting Religious Fundamentalism, Globalization and Empire: A Christian Response / Ravela Jeeva Kumar
17. Significance of Karbala Tragedy: A Shia Perspective / Aphenbou Abonmai
18. Sankaradeva's Eka-Saranam-Nama Dharma: An Inclusivist Approach / Khaidem Ajit Kumar Singh
19. Theory of Religious Belief: Disbelieving to Believe / K. G. Pousonglung
20. The Dance of Siva (Tandava) as the Source of Creation and Existence / Soloman S

Swami Raju Tadivaka's Literary Contributions

Prof. Rev. Dr. T. Swami Raju is born on 10-10-1959 in a small village Tadivakavari Palem of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh and his parents are late Paul Rama Rao and Reamatulasimma. He completed his B.Sc., at Nagaram, Post Graduation in English from Andhra University, and in Philosophy from Osmania University. He received his theological degrees from Senate of Serampore University: B.D in 1986 from ACTC, M.Th (Religions-Hinduism) in 1993 from Gurukul, Chennai and D.Th (Religions) in 2001 from SATHRI, Bangalore. Ordained in 1987 from the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church, Guntur and involved in Pastoral Ministry in Lutheran Church, Srisailam from 1986 to 1991. Having married to Susanna Bhanumathi in 1979, they are blessed with four daughters and one son; four grandsons and two granddaughters.

He has been teaching as Professor in Religion, Philosophy and Culture at Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad since 1993 and presently the Registrar of Advanced Institute for Research on Religion and Culture, Hyderabad, a joint program of ACTC, HMI and CIT for M.Th and D.Th studies from June 2019. His major literary and theological contributions are listed inside.

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