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Theological Voices for Our Times
Authorship Description
Edited by Lovely Awomi James.
Bibliographical Details xii, 186 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351485412
ISBN-13 9789351485414, 978-9351485414
Year of Publication 2021.
Further Details In Collaboration with The Association of Theological Teachers in India (ATTI).
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The book covers a series of topics that are felt to be urgent and relevant for our times, as the title suggests. The articles were contributed by teachers and scholars from diverse theological disciplines. The areas covered include important subjects like Theological Education (by way of serious critique and positing toward hopeful prospects and possibilities); Biblical studies on the subject of Justice and Peace, Intertextual readings; Important place of Tradition and Innovation in our Theological Journey; Importance of addressing the Psychosocial well-being of people exposed to Armed Conflicts; Biblical and Historical reflection on the present pandemic, Psychological stress in the context of COVID 19, Pastoral care and counseling in the context of the COVID pandemic; Feminist Theological and Ethical Issues; and the necessity to seriously address the problem of Ableism within the economy of our Christian anthropology of God’s Image. As such, this book serves as a humble yet powerful theological source for students, teachers and readers of theology especially in relation to responding to some of the important theological questions of our times.



1. De-colonizing Pedagogies: Theological Education as Aesthetic Education / Y. T. Vinayaraj
2. A Critical Appraisal of Theological Education in India Today: Tribal Perspective / Lovely Awomi James
3. Feminist Theology Movement in India: Problems and Challenges / Limatula Longkumer
4. Eschatology as Subaltern Protest: An Interpretative Study of Mizo Christian Eschatology / Rosiamliana Tochhawng
5. Justice and Peace in the New Testament / R. John Vijayaraj
6. Jesus and the Law in the Gospel of John from an Intertextual Perspective / P. R. Hmuaka
7. Issues Facing Theological Education in India: Reflection from Religious Perspective / B. Sohkhlet
8. Engaging with Tradition and Innovation: In Dialogue with Reformation and Humanism / Wilson Paluri
9. Psychosocial Well-being of Victims of Armed Conflict Trauma in Relation to Gender, Health and Spiritual Well-being / R. Vanlaltluanga
10. Biblical and Historical Perspectives on the Global Pandemic / Temjen Imchen
11. Nazareth Manifesto as a Standard in Pastoral Care and Counselling amidst Covid 19 / Rajachristi Bai
12. An Interrogation on India Christian Feminist Ethics: A Praxeological Approach / Imnabenla Jamir
13. Psychological Stress in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic: Pastoral Counselling Perspective / Boholi Z. Sema
14. Ableism and God's Image / A. Wati Longchar
15. To be Intersective and Inclusive: [Theological] Education, Vocational Consciousness and Redemptive Praxis / R. Sahayadhas


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