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Ethics and Christology in John's Gospel
Authorship Description
Huten Donhring Anal.
Bibliographical Details xxviii, 209 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351484904
ISBN-13 9789351484905, 978-9351484905
Year of Publication 2020.
Series Biblical Hermeneutics Rediscovered - 36.
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In the face of the present reality where there is a disparity between once claim of faith and conduct of life, the book analyzes and describes the inalienable relationship between ethics and Christology. Jesus is understood as the actual and perfect manifestation of the moral likeness of God, the Father. Every ethical imploration is directed and revolved around the person, role, authority and mission of Jesus. The book propounds that the thrust of the ethical injunction in John’s Gospel is to escort people to believe in Jesus, who is introduced as the logos incarnated in the person of Jesus (Jn. 1:14) for a reason to make the world and its inhabitants to understand and accept him as the Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man who grants life eternal, the highest and ultimate goal according to the Gospel of John (3:16; 20:31). A response to the call to believe in Jesus results in living in the light, doing good, aligning one’s purpose of life in the will of God. Discipleship is considered as the immediate moral context. Ethics in John’s Gospel is the ethics of faith and love combined which results from believing and keeping the commandments of Jesus and resulting to “doing the works of God.” Johannine ethics stems from the moral world of God, revealed in and through the life and ministry of Jesus, received by faith by community of believers and in the physical absence of Jesus the Spirit-Paraclete takes over to guide and enable the community of believers in all the truth to live its faith in action.


List of Abbreviations

1. Literature Survey in Johannine Ethics
2. Socio-Cultural and Religious Milieu of the Johannine Community
3. Major Ethical Pointers in John's Gospel: A Thematic Approach
4. Christology of John
5. Johannine Ethics: Its Divine and Communitarian Parameters


Dr. Huten Donhring earned her B.Sc degree from DMC of Science, Imphal under Manipur University then in 2000. She did her BD studies at ETC, Jorhat (2004). She joined DTS, YWAM at Lonavala, Pune (June 2004). She did her Master studies in New Testament at UBS, Pune (2005) and thereupon taught at UBS for three academic years (2007-2010). Then she left for her doctoral studies at FFRRC, Kottayam, Kerala. In between and before she obtained her doctoral degree, she taught at MTC, Kangpokpi as visiting lecturer (2016). She completed her doctoral research in 2018. Then she joined GPIT, SHUATS, Prayagraj as Assistant Professor in the department of New Testament (2019-2020).

She is the youngest child of (Lt.) Huten Thungkhel and Mrs. Seltun Thumrii. She belongs to the Anal Naga tribe of Chandel, Manipur. She is married to Rev. ST Colling Anal and is blessed with three children- Kolhring, Warriihring and Unsahman.

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