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Religious Pluralism and the Finality of Christ : Christological Reflections from Lesslie Newbigin
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Sijo Jacob.
Bibliographical Details xxii, 169 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481255
ISBN-13 9789351481256, 978-9351481256
Year of Publication 2016.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 37.
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India is probably the world's oldest and the most remarkable `living laboratory' of religious pluralism. Our context is such that Christianity among other religious ideologies is a lived-in reality in India. Down the corridors of time the Church has grappled with the question of how to present the uniqueness and the `Finality of Christ' in the context where Christians rub shoulders with people of other religious faith in daily life? As numerous approaches evolved through the last several decades, an evaluation of the Christian theology of religions is the need of the hour. Our approach should be biblically valid, theologically credible and contextually sustainable. It is there the Christological insights of Bishop Lesslie Newbigin attracts our attention. This book investigates into the all time relevant and the praxis oriented approach of Newbigin in doing Christian mission in India's pluralistic context.





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1. The Theological Expedition of Lesslie Newbigin

          1.1 The Early Years

          1.2 Newbigin's Missionary Enterprises - Indian and Global

          1.3 Factors that Influenced Newbigin's Understanding of the `Finality of Christ'

2. The Interpretation of `Finality of Christ' According to Lesslie Newbigin

          2.1 The Context of the Claim for the `Finality of Christ - The Place of the Gospel in a Secular Society

          2.2 Jesus Christ : The Clue to Human Life and History-The Finality of Christ Interpreted

          2.3 A Pertinent Christology

3. The Interpretation of the Finality of Christ in the Religiously Pluralistic Context - The Major-Christian Approaches

          3.1 Towards a Christian Theology of Religions - Major Christian Approaches

4. An Evaluation of the Christian Theology of Religions and the Implications of Newbigin's Christology for the Praxis of Mission in the Pluralistic Context of India

          4.1 Towards an Authentic Christology : An Evaluation of the Christian Theology of Religions

          4.2 Mission Theology of Lesslie Newbigin

          4.3 The Relevance of Newbigin's Insight on the `Finality of Christ' for the Praxis Mission in India




Sijo Jacob obtained his MA from the University of Madras. He holds and M. Th. in Missiology from Believers Church Theological Seminary, Thiruvalla, India; where he was also awarded for the highest proficiency in academic excellence. He has traveled across the length and breadth of the mission fields of India and taught in many Bible Colleges including the Believers Church Theological Seminary where he served as the Chaplin and taught Christian Mission and Apologetics. He is currently the Director of Academics and teaching in the Department of Christian Mission and Ministry at Logos College of Theology, Trivandrum, India.

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