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Cosmic Christology in the Gospel of Matthew : Matthew's Utilization of Nature Miracles and Jewish Cosmology
Authorship Description
Lalramchhana RC.
Bibliographical Details xx, 310 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351485560
ISBN-13 9789351485568, 978-9351485568
Year of Publication 2021.
Series Biblical Hermeneutics Rediscovered - 45.
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The book is about finding clues to link nature miracles and Cosmic Christology in Matthew's Gospel. A number of attempts had been made to uncover Matthew's Christology by exploring various Christological titles and typologies in Matthew's Gospel. The book however moves to a different path from these explorations, and give interest to the neglected nature miracles to develop and contribute Cosmic Christology in Matthew's Gospel. The significance of Cosmic Christology is now ready to be applied to other area such as nature theology.

The book finds valuable connection and possible link between nature miracles of Matthew's Gospel and Jewish Cosmology, particularly the period of the Second Temple Judaism. This contribution encourage new and more relevant research on Matthew's Cosmic Christology and theology of nature for contextual readings.


List of Abbreviations

1. Introduction
2. Socio-Historical Context of Matthew's Gospel
3. Nature Miracles in Ancient Traditions
4. Cosmic Christology in Other New Testament Writings
5. Cosmo-Christological Framework
6. Exegesis of Select Passages
7. Nature Miracles and Cosmic Christology in Matthew: Contextual Implication for Theology of Nature

General Conclusion

Rev. Dr. Lalramchhana RC obtained his BD, MTh and DTh degree from the Senate of Serampore College/University. Before joining the Mizoram Presbyterian Church, he was teaching at Angelos Bible School, Aizawl. After joining the Mizoram Synod, he did his probation period at a remote Pastorate in Mizoram for three years (2010-2012), and was ordained on 2012 December at the Synod Conference. He was the pastor In-charge for two years at Teikhang Pastorate under which there are six local churches. He joined Doctoral Programme in New Testament Department at United Theological College in the year 2015 and received DTh degree (NT) at the Senate Convocation held at Henry Martin Institute, Hyderabad. He was teaching at Leonard Theological College for one year under deputation from the Mizoram Synod. He was recalled back to Mizoram to serve under Pastoral Ministry, and was to this day the Pastor In-charge of Zohmun Pastorate, consisting six different local churches.

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