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Communicating Christian Thoughts on Voiceless Tribal Women : A Sociological Perspective
Authorship Description
I Lanusenla Ao.
Bibliographical Details xxx, 246 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351483835
ISBN-13 9789351483830, 978-9351483830
Year of Publication 2019.
Further Details In Collaboration with Gossner Theological College, Ranchi.
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Voice that comes out from one's own word of mouth (orally expressed) as an expression of joy, solidarity, sympathy, sadness, reasoning, thoughts, etc., to one another is ola. There is a perceivable absence of women's voice in the decision-making bodies of the Naga tribal community. This research work, conducted among the Ao Naga community, has come up with findings which show that various traditional socio-cultural practices are the reasons behind denying women participation in the decision-making bodies. As a corrective, the work suggests to give renewed importance to some of the exemplary practices of Aos in their daily lives. These practices and concepts might be developed and applied in the decision-making bodies too. Building up a common platform for all, with female and male sharing and exchanging ideas and accepting each other, would lead to a celebration of life together, Thus, it is proposed that "voice" is one of the important components in communication theory that could overturn the gender injustice, that deprives women of their fundamental human rights. The author suggests embracing a new perspective, i.e., the `incorporation of women's voice' in the tribal decision-making bodies.



1. Epistemological Considerstions of the term "Voice"
2. Voice, Gender and Communication: Theorizing Cultural Studies
3. Cultural Studies of Ao Naga Tribal Women: Conceptualising "Voice"
4. Ao Women's Voice: Field Study Analysis
5. Ao Women's Voice: A Paradigm of Communication Theology


I Lanusenla Ao is a member of the Ao Baptist Church in Nagaland, India. She was involved for a year in church ministry at Tuensang Ao Baptist Church, Nagaland. She taught Communication Studies (Christian Ministry) for thirteen years at Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur, where she also served as the Editor of Sandeshharika (Prophetess's Voice). At present, she teaches at the Gossner Theological College, Ranchi, India. She is the Editor of the Adivasi Journal of Theology. She has also published a book entitled Communicating the Gospel in Media Saturated Era.

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