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Eco-Concerns in Indian Religious Traditions : Inter-Religious Cooperation Towards Healthy Environment
Authorship Description
Rev. Prof. Dr. T. Swami Raju.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 231 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351483029
ISBN-13 9789351483021, 978-9351483021
Year of Publication 2018.
Series Interfaith Treasures Uncovered - 16.
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`Eco-Concerns in Indian Religious Traditions' attempts to study systematically concepts like ecology, environment, eco-crisis, eco-sophy, eco-spirituality and particularly eco-concerns from Indian socio-religious context.

It reviews critically "Environmental Issues in India" identifying reasons for environmental degradation. This book basically focuses on a systematic study for resources from major Indian Religious Traditions and to develop eco-spirituality in order to promote a healthy environment in India.

This book also deals with "Prominent Ecological Movements in India" and "Contributions of Ecologically Enlightened". Finally, Interreligious cooperation for maintaining the ecological balance for the welfare of all life through partnerships, forums and networks is rightly emphasised. This book is written to meet the needs of students of ecology and very particularly lovers of the environment.





1. Eco-Crisis and Eco-Spirituality : Contemporary Contextual Concerns

2. Environmental Issues in India : A Critical Review

3. Eco-Sopy and Eco-Spirituality

4. Primal Religious Traditions and Eco-concerns

5. Hinduism and Eco-Spirituality

6. Jainism/Buddhism and Environmental Concerns

7. Ecological Concerns in Sikhism

8. Christian Attitude towards Environment

9. Islam and Eco-Concerns

10. Prominent Ecological Movements in India

11. Contributions of Ecologically Enlightened

12. Inter-religious Cooperation for a Healthy Environment




Prof. Rev. Dr. T. Swami Raju hails from Andhra Pradesh and has earned B.Sc., M.A (Eng), B.D., M.Th., M.A (Phil)., and D.Th degrees. He is presently working as Professor in Religions at ACTC, Hyderabad.

His major literary contributions are: `Na Prabhuvu-Nenu: Sajeeva Sakshayam' (My Lord and I: Living Testimony): `Bharatavanilo Adhunika Chaitanya Udyamalu' (Modern Renaissant Movements in India); `The Study of Religion: Methods and Perspectives', Seventy three pages Appendix in `Manamathamulu Mukhya Lakshnamulu' of Dr. Eric J. Lott; `Vira Cult in Folk Religion of Guntur District: A Dalit Perspective, Bahulamata Bharatadesamulo Kristhava Sakshyam' (Christian Witness in Pluralistic India); `Christian Responses to Plurality of Religion; Parishodhana mariyu Rachana Padhtulu' (Research and Writing Methods); `Vivekananduni Naveena Vedantam' (Neo - Vedanta of Vivekananda); `Chennakesava Cult and Dalits; Manava Arogyam mariyu Kristhava Daivasasthra Prathyutharam' (Human Health and Christian Theological Response); `Adhunika Tharaniki Telugulo Bible Bhashyam' (Bible Commentary in Telugu to Modern Generation); `Christian Theological Responses: Contemporary Contextual Concerns; Bharatiya Tatvasashra Punadulu' (Indian Philosophical Foundations).

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