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Building Bridges of Fraternity & Friendship : Reflections on Fratelli Tutti
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Banzelao Teixeira (Ed).
Bibliographical Details vi, 235 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457252
ISBN-13 9789395457255, 978-9395457255
Year of Publication 2022.
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Building Bridges of Fraternity, which offers in-depth and insightful reflections on Pope Francis’ highly thought-provoking encyclical Fratelli Tutti, comes at a time when the world stands in an urgent need of dialogue, peace and fraternity. The collection of articles in this book approach the message of Fratelli Tutti from a rich variety of perspectives: social conflicts, religious intolerance, political divisiveness, gender injustice, ecological destruction and media manipulation. The authors of the articles confront us with the philosophical foundations of many contemporary crises, which not only enables us to better understand the challenges of our times, but invites us to respond in the spirit of Fratelli Tutti. Building bridges of fraternity is the only sensible way forward, in a world that is being rapidly destroyed by discord and disunity.

Fr Savio Silveira, SDB
Provincial, Mumbai Province

This book, Building Bridges of Fraternity and Friendship: Reflections on Fratelli Tutti contains more than 20 articles which will be of great interest to many. It begins with a summary of the Encyclical and then delves into reflections on dialogue, encounter and consensus that are to be strived after in the context of recognizing the ‘other’ as one’s own responsibility. Cultivating a culture of encounter in the context of diversity of cultures, religions, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds form the backdrop of this incisive collection. Forgiveness, peace building, friendship, ecology, migration, war, Sarvodaya and the possibility of a ‘great re-set’ for the world are explored. The edited work promises to be a treasure trove for anyone interested in exploring love that goes beyond boundaries as we strive to build a more united society.

Fr Biju Michael, SDB
General Councillor for South Asia


1. Introduction: Pope Francis—Builder of Bridges
    Banzelao Julio Teixeira

2. Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship
    Vinod Mascarenhas

3. The Strange Other Awakens My Responsibility: A Philosophical Reading of the Good Samaritan Narrative in the Footsteps of Fratelli Tutti
    Roger Burggraeve

4. Insaniyat—Fraternity in Diversity
    Mark Ulyseas

5. Dialogue, Fraternity and Cultures
    Maria Arul Anthuvan Tharsis

6. Fratelli Tutti: Invigorating Inter-Faith Friendship
    Agnelo Pinheiro

7. Writing a New Page of History (Ft §231)
    Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil

8. Fraternity and Time in Pope Francis’ Fratelli Tutti
    Ivo Coelho

9. Better Politics for a Better World
    Ian Pinto

10. Fratelli Tutti: A Call to Authentic Witness
     Cedric Prakash

11. Integral Ecology: Reading Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti with Let Us Dream
     Joaquim D’Souza

12. Women Fraternity and Social Friendship
     Teresa Joseph

13. The Problem of War: Fratelli Tutti and Pope Francis
      Ian Doulton

14. No Future Without Forgiveness: ‘Forgiveness’ seen from a Multi-religious Perspective with Insights from Fratelli Tutti
     Banzelao Julio Teixeira

15. Fake News and Fraternity: Combating Fake News in the Light of the Teachings of Pope Francis and Fratelli Tutti
    Mylin Noronha

16. Fratelli Tutti and José J. Mendoza: Issues and Responses to the Migrant Crisis
     Ajoy Fernandes

17. Fratelli Tutti and the Great Reset
     Howard Richards

18. Fratelli Tutti and Colorful Fruit to be Borne
     James Duffy

19. Fraternity and M. K. Gandhi’s Ideal of Sarvodaya
     Arnald Mahesh Irudhayadhason

20. “We Can’t Change the World, But We Can Build a School in Cambodia”: The Relevance of Amartya Sen’s Ideas of Justice to Fratelli Tutti
     Joe Tony Previnth

21. Salesian Youth Ministry in the Light of ‘‘Final Document—Letter to Young People’’ and ‘Fratelli Tutti’
    Glen Lowe

22. Fratelli Tutti and Salesian Formation
     Silvio Roggia


Banzelao Teixeira is a Salesian belonging to the Panjim province (INP). As a young priest he was engaged in catechetical and youth animation programs and came out with timely publications (along with Teresa Joseph FMA): Stay Connected in the Circle of Love: An Animation Book for the Family (2007); Teen Q’s: On Love and Relationships (2009); Teens, Your Key to Success (2010); Building Relationships: Unusual Questions Teens Ask (2013); and Two Popes Who Knew How to Pope: St John XXIII & St John Paul II. After completing his doctorate in philosophy from the Salesian Pontifical University (2016), he has served as the Director of Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik, where he holds the chair of Semiotics. He is also the editor of Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education. His philosophical interests include hermeneutics, semiotics, medieval philosophy and ecology. Besides publishing articles in philosophical journals he has also authored a book in Semiotics titled 21st Century Realism: John Deely’s Recovery of Poinsot’s Doctrine of Signs (2018).


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