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Influence of Hinduism on Indian Christian Theology : A Critique Appropriating Panikkarian Trinity
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K. Nannu.
Bibliographical Details xxviii, 112 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482030
ISBN-13 9789351482031, 978-9351482031
Year of Publication 2018.
Series Interfaith Treasures Uncovered - 10.
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The subaltern methodology has exerted a great impact in the field of current theology and hermeneutics. Its achievements and advantages are so numerous that no one can deny its significance in contemporary theological developments. This book is a critique on Raymond Panikkar's theology of trinity from the subaltern perspective. It analyses to what extent Panikkar is inclined to Brahmanic Hinduism and why he had more propensity towards Hinduism. The work, therefore, characterizes Panikkar's theology as `Hinduized theology' or to be precise as `Brahmanic theology', considering the fact that the questions and aspirations of the majority people in India could not be thoroughly addressed by him. It concludes that Indian Christian theology is really gasping for breath as it is under Brahmanic captivity. Indeed, this book will prove to be a major contribution to the current debate on Indian Christian theology.




List of Abbreviations


1. Raimundo Panikkar : A Pilgrimage to Contemporary Theological Consciousness

      1.1 Memoir

      1.2 The Context Formulated the Theological Thought of Panikkar

      1.3 Characteristics of Panikkar's Thought

      1.4 Methodological Considerations

      1.5 Methodological Pre-Suppositions

      1.6 A Summary Presentation of Panikkar's Theological Thought

      1.7 Panikkar : A Pilgrimage


2. Trinity and Hindu Spirituality : Panikkar's Triadic Synthesis

      2.1 Hindu Spirituality

      2.2 Hindu Spirituality as Margas

      2.3 Panikkarian Trinity

      2.4 Triadic Synthesis of Panikkar

      2.5 Trinity or Theandrism

      2.6 Basic Deviations


3. Influence of Hinduism on Panikkar's Theology

      3.1 Perception of Hinduism

      3.2 Inclusion of Hindu Religious Thought

      3.3 Legitimization

      3.4 Influence of Hinduism

      3.5 Hindu-Christian Theology : Panikkar's Query


4. A Subaltern Critique on Hindu Hegemonic Theology of Panikkar

      4.1 Subaltern Critique

      4.2 Panikkar's Hindu Hegemonic Theology

      4.3 Critique on Panikkar's Hindu Hegemonic Theology

      4.4 Does Panikkar's Theology Really Gasp for Breath?

      4.5 Towards Life - Centric Theology


General Conclusion


Nannu K. hailing from Trivandrum, Kerala, is a licensed minister of the Assemblies of God Malayalam District Council. He did his theological studies (BD) from Faith Theological Seminary, Manakala, Adoor and his post graduate studies (M. Th) from Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai. At present, he is pursuing PhD studies from SHUATS, Allahabad. He has contributed a few articles in a couple of theological journals. He also teaches theology in various bible colleges in Kerala. He is married to Gifty and they have two children, Jesna and Jeswin.

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