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Child Theology of Holistic Nurture of Children : Resources from Sumi Naga Tradition and the Bible
Authorship Description
Dr. Lovely Awomi James.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 136 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457538
ISBN-13 9789395457538, 978-9395457538
Year of Publication 2024.
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The book is a result of the urgent need felt for a child theology of holistic nurture of children in tribal context today. It thus critically addresses the problems and risks faced by the tribal children of North East India, and sets out to respond to them by drawing powerful resources from both Sumi Naga traditions on child nurture and from the teachings of the Bible on holistic nurture of children. The book systematically and vividly exposes the risks affecting children and young people today due to the lack of holistic moral-ethical teachings, nurturing and environment at home, at school and in the community. It specifically lays bare some of the serious problems affecting children like physical, mental, and sexual abuse of children; corporal punishment; child trafficking; ill-treatment and abusive child labor on those children serving as helpers in others’ homes; bad parenting; infidelity of a parent; impact of domestic violence, impact of divorce and remarriages on children; loss of cultural identity; lack of moral-ethical values and lifestyles; the ever-increasing rift between parents and children; influence of globalized alien cultures and lifestyles; lack of the sense of responsibility and accountability amongst the young people; godlessness; disregard for any rules or discipline due to secular human rights movements in vogue today – living permissive, even self-destructive lives. The author strongly believes that much of the blame could be put on the parents, guardians and adult caregivers and nurturers of children for neglecting their parental and nurturer responsibilities. As such, the book calls for the adults to take up their responsibility of holistic nurture of children – the children that God has given under their care to be nurtured the right way.


General Introduction

1. The Research Problem
2. Child Theology: What It Is and Why It Emerged
3. Child Theology Movement in North East India
4. Hypothesis
5. Scope
6. Method Employed and Sources
7. Structure of the Research

Chapter 1: Tribal Children and Their Risks Context Today


1. Understanding Risk Contexts of Children
2. Tribal Children and their Risks Situations


Chapter 2: Child Nurturing Traditions in Sumi Naga Culture


1. The Authoritative Role of the Parents - Apu (Father) and Aza (Mother) in Parenting and Nurturing
2. Role of Grandparents - Asu-apuza (‘Grandfather- grandmother’) in the Nurturing of Children
3. Older Siblings as Guardians of Younger Ones
4. Tribal Concept of Community Parenting - Niti-anuli (‘Our Children’)
5. Tribal Culture of Co-Sleeping among Parents and Children
6. Special Children Food: Apu-anga Khuna (Boy-Girl-Child Food)
7. Crossbody Carrying of Children - Apu-anga Xakupu Kihe: Tribal Practice of Carrying Children on their Back/Front in a Cloth Sling
8. Tribal Practice of Bringing up Children with Freedom to Explore, Play and Build Self-reliance
9. The Family Fireplace/Hearth - Amiphoki or Achuka: The Heart of Nurture at Home
10. Family and Kinship Bond – Akibo/Akibolomi - in Tribal Culture
11. Teaching Tribal Children Socio-Cultural, Moral- Ethical Values (Akukhu-aye Shikuka)
12. Strong Disciplining of Children (Sakiyi-shikuka or sakiyi-kukutsu)
13. Traditional House of Nurture and Learning – Apu-ki (Boys Dormitory) and Illi-ki (Girls Dormitory)
14. Work Ethics Culture – Alojimi or Kimivehkile Muqo (Reciprocal Peer Work Group)
15. Folklores as a Medium of Imparting Cultural Wisdom to the Children
16. Tribal Children and their Bond with the World of Nature


Chapter 3: Biblical Teachings on Holistic Nurture of Children


1. Family According to the Bible
2. Biblical Teachings Concerning the Holistic Nurture of Children


Chapter 4: Towards a Tribal Child Theology of Holistic Nurture of Children


1. Children are God’s Blessings to Parents/Families and to the World
2. Nurturing Children in Moral-ethical Values
3. Parental Role of Nurture – To Impress and Lead by Example
4. The Importance of Grandparents-Grandchildren (Intergenerational) Bond
5. Nurture within the Bond of Family
6. Stop Using Underage Children as Helpers and as Babysitters - A Much Needed Change in Childcare in Tribal Christian Homes
7. Nurturing Children on Cultural Identity
8. Family Fireplace Model of Parent-Children Nurture and Fellowship
9. Community Parenting – Child Protection Policy of the Community
10. Morung Model of Formal Cultural Education for Children
11. Nurturing Children in Work Ethics
12. Right Disciplining – The Biblical Dictum “Do Not Provoke Your Children to Anger” (Ephesians 6:4)
13. Nurturing Children’s Faith at Home on Biblical Foundation
14. Nurturing Children in Eco-spirituality
15. Jesus is the God, Friend and Saviour of Children
16. Children’s Responsibility towards Parents in Holistic Nurture
17. Church’s Role in Holistic Nurture of Children

General Conclusion

Dr Lovely Awomi James is a Professor in the Department of Christian Theology. She teaches at Eastern Theological College. She is also specialized in the area of Child Theology and children ministry and is a core faculty of the Master of Arts in Holistic Child Development (MA-HCD) course program of the College. She is married to Rev. Dr Woba James (Professor of History of Christianity), and they are blessed with two children – a son and a daughter.



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