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Ecological Crisis Re-addressed : Insights of Siddha Tirumular and their Christian Reading
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Dr. John Peter Vallabadoss.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 194 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481336
ISBN-13 9789351481331, 978-9351481331
Year of Publication 2016.
Series Interfaith Treasures Uncovered - 7.
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The book deals with the metaphysical concept of materiality, termed as maya in Indian systems, and as mayai in Saiva Siddhanta text called `Tirumandiram', authored by Tirumular. Reading of `mayai in Tirumandiram,' is perceived from an ecological perspective and the author of the book engages in a hermeneutical discourse of role of traditional concepts in contemporary thinking and living.

Affirmation of the reality of the material and physical world is a dire need of our times. A renewal and a re-visioning in line with a traditional notion of material reality are aimed at in this book, looking for an effective change in one's conception about nature. By highlighting particular ideology of `Tirumandiram' as a corrective notion towards enhancing human-nature relationship, the author throws open the profound ecological thoughts concerning inter-connectedness between humans and nature.

This scholarly work helps in understanding the theology of the body as emerging from Tirumular's understanding of physical body and the material world, in relation to the Christian concept of body and Christian medical ethics. Also, juxtaposing Saiva Siddhanta and Christian understanding of the materiality sets forth both conceptual and practical implications for contemporary approach to ecological crisis.



Scheme of Tamil Transliteration


Part 1
Conceptualizing Materiality : Diverse Tradition

1. Vision of Material Reality : Gleanings from Western Traditions

2. Matter Matters : Insights of Indian Traditions

3. Human-Nature Interplay in Classical Tamil Tradition

4. Conception of Material Reality in Tamil Tradition

5. Realistic Approach to Matter and Related Issues

Part 2
Construing `Mayai' in `Tirumandiram'

1. Introducing in Eco-Text : `Tirumandiram'

2. Legacy of `Tirumandiram' in Tamil Saiva Tradition

3. Reality as Plural : General Philosophy of `Tirumandiram'

4. Concept of `Mayai' in `Tirumandiram' : An Enumeration

Part 3
Contextualizing the Concept :
Eco-spirituality of Tirumular

1. Tirumular's Philosophy of Body and World

2. Pluralistic Realism in `Tirumandiram'

3. Affirmation of Material Reality

4. De-Mythicising Utilitarian Value of Materiality

5. Decentralizing Anthropocentric Bias

6. Towards Harmonious Human-Nature Relationship

7. Christian Reading of `Mayai' in `Tirumandiram'




Dr. John Peter Vallabadoss is a Franciscan Capuchin belonging to Amala Annai Province, North Tamil Nadu, with 15 years of professional teaching experience in philosophy. He is the professor of Indian philosophy and Dean of Studies at St. Joseph's Capuchin Philosophical College, Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu; and a visiting faculty at Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth (JDV), Pune. He is presently Secretary of Association of Christian Philosophers of India. He has been a Consultant in Philosophy at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), for a couple of years developing MA philosophy programme. He has served as Registrar of Vijnananilayam Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Eluru, A.P. He was a visiting faculty to Department of Philosophy, Loyola College, Chennai, and Department of Philosophy, Arulanandar College, Madurai. He continues to teach in many Philosophy institutes across India. He has convened three National Seminars. To his credit, he has published a book (Methodology for Scientific Papers), edited 2 books (Openness to the Other, History and Historizing) and twenty research articles till date.

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