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Jesus Movement in Synoptic Gospels
Authorship Description
Abraham Philip.
Bibliographical Details xxxvi, 172 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9360658944
ISBN-13 9789360658946, 978-9360658946
Year of Publication 2024.
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This book has been written according to the present syllabus for the Bachelor of Divinity Course under the Senate of Serampore for the students who are doing the course. Close scrutiny and in-depth research into the various topics have been attempted. The milieu – socio-political and religious-cultural locations of the Jesus Movement, the formative factors, teachings and praxes of Jesus and the Movement, the passion and resurrection narratives, and Jesus of the Jesus Movement explored. At the outset reading the Synoptic Gospels with critical tools was studied and in the end some exegetical studies of selected texts. Lucidity and straight forward utterance mark the style of the book.



1. Reading Synoptic Gospels with Critical Tools and Perspectives

1. Genre of the Gospels – Gospels as Autobiographies, Histories, Narratives (stories, theologies)
2. The Formation of the Synoptic Gospels, Similarities and Differences and the Synoptic Problem: Historical Critical Tools
3. Reading the Synoptic Gospels with New Literary Tools

2. Socio-Political and Religious-Cultural Locations of the New Testament

1. The Political Conditions of the First Century Palestine
2. Socio-Religious and Cultural Conditions of the First Century Palestine
3. Economic Conditions of the First Century Palestine
4. Importance of Social History, Sociological and Cultural Studies in Understanding the Jesus Movement

3. Formative Factors of the Jesus Movement

1. Infancy Narratives
2. Infancy Narrative in Matthew
3. Infancy Narrative in Luke
4. The Movement of John the Baptist
5. Life Style, Qumran Connections, Life and Ministry in the Desert
6. Preparing the Way of the Lord
7. The Teaching and Practices of John the Baptist
8. Social and Political Connections
9. Baptism and Temptations of Jesus

4. Teachings and Praxes of Jesus and the Jesus Movement

1. Teachings of Jesus and His Movement
2. Praxes of Jesus: Foretaste of the Basileia of God 

5. The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus

1. Formation of the Passion Narratives
2. Self-giving Life of Jesus: “Ransom for Many”
3. Meaning of Suffering and Cross in the Synoptic Gospels
4. Formation of Resurrection Narratives
5. Meaning and Significance of Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus

6. Jesus of the Jesus Movement

1. Self-understanding of Jesus: Gospel Writers’ Christological Interpretations of the Life and Death of Jesus: Mark, Matthew, and Luke
2. Portraits of Jesus
3. The Historical Jesus in Modern Scholarship from the First to the Third Quest of the Historical Jesus

7. Exegetical Studies

Exegesis of the given texts
1. Mark 3:1-6
2. Mark 4:10-12
3. Mark 8:27-38
4. Mark 10:41-45
5. Mark 13:32-37
6. Mark 14:22-25
7. Matthew 2:16-18
8. Matthew 5:1-13
9. Matthew 10:5-15
10. Matthew 18:10-14
11. Matthew 25:31-46
12. Matthew 27:27-54
13. Luke 1:46-55
14. Luke 4:16-19
15. Luke 11:1-13
16. Luke 16:1-14
17. Luke 18:1-8
18. Luke 24:13-27

8. Conclusion


The Author did his studies at Asram High School, Perumbavoor; U. C. College, Aluva (M.A. in English Literature); L. T. College, Jabalpur (B.D.); Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, England (M.Phil); SATHRI, Bangalore & FFRRC, Kottayam, Serampore University (Doctorate in Theology).

Served as the Director of Dr Thomas Mar Athanasius Memorial Orientation Centre, Manganam, served as visiting Professor at the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary, Mulanthuruthy during the 1990s, and was Professor at the Mar Thoma Theological Seminary for almost two decades and at present continues to be a Professor at the FFRRC. His major publications include:

Baptism, Eucharist & Ministry (2011, 2014); An Introduction to the New Testament (2017, 2021); History and Theology of the Fourth Gospel (2018); Biblical Hermeneutics: Methods and Perspectives (2020, 2022); Quo Vadis Ecclesia: Church in the 21st Century (editor – 2021); Reading the Apocalyptic: The Book of Revelation: A Commentary (2022); The Life and Faith of the People of God as in the New Testament; Jesus Tradition in the Johannine Writings (2023).


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