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Prologue to Provocations : A Search for Truth in Christian Anthropology
Authorship Description
Compiler: Romero D'Souza.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 199 p. ills. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481034
ISBN-13 9789351481034, 978-9351481034
Year of Publication 2016.
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The book is a philosophical endeavour that intends to present facets of our age: pluriform and postmodern. It is a summation of different scholarly articles by various contributors, wherein each contributor has exhibited his/her thought-provoking insights in relation to the subject.

The 21st century post-modern world has increasingly sophisticated the reality of truth. It therefore exhibits attitudes such as prejudices and problems, pluralism and paradoxes which lead to the danger of humanities. Thus, the essential needs for suggested probabilities and possibilities have been provoked for the project. This research work is an attempt to respond to the `Search for Truth' in relation to Philosophy and other fields of expertise.

The presentations showcased are enriched with critical observations and futuristic-practical insights that reveal a search for truth. They present a practical and pragmatic proposal for understanding the contexts and claims in search for truth. This book will not only serve as a useful groundwork for further in-depth research but also make an inspiring contribution to the significant understanding of the nature of man in search for truth: a prologue to provocations.

The book is a treat for Researchers in the field of Anthropology and Philosophy; Institutes and Readers with an interest in general Philosophy, and its relation to the field of Sociology, Culture, Politics, Ecology, Anthropology, and Theology.




Introductory Note

1. Relationship : A Levinasian Reading / Manu Michael

2. Faith Formation and Maturation Experience in the Family : An Anthropological, Biblical, Liturgical and Spiritual Treasure / Moses Wanjala

3. Convenience Culture and the Violence of the Everyday / Cara Judea Alhadeff

4. What Account can Philosophy give of Culture? / Thomas Storck

5. The Nature of Political Philosophy / James V. Schall

6. Philosophy and Jurisprudence : Some Parallels and Challenges / Kevin Otieno Mwandha

7. Challenges for a Christian Worldview / Benedikt Paul Gicke

8. The Great Escape : Remarks on Anachoresis Then and Today / Jonna Golec

9. Death Inspires Life : A Perspective in Medical Anthropology / Marina D'Costa

10. Certitude in Newman's Grammar of Assent / Albert Kumar

11. Paradigm Shift : Ecological Crisis to Ecosophical Care / Romero D'Souza

The Epilogue

About the Compiler and Contributors

Romero D'Souza, is a perpetually professed member of the Salesian Province of St. Francis Xavier, Mumbai. He has completed his BA degree with a specialization in Sociology from the University of Pune, India. He has completed his Bachelor as well as Master in Philosophy from Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy aggregated to the Faculty of Philosophy of the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome, Italy. He is currently doing BTh in Theology at the Studium Theologicum Salesianum, Salesian Pontifical University, Faculty of Theology - Jerusalem Campus - Israel.

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