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Interreligious Life Issues : Relationship, Education, Prayer, Marriage, Funeral and Engagement
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Rev. Dr. Israel Selvanayagam.
Bibliographical Details xxii, 205 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351483134
ISBN-13 9789351483137, 978-9351483137
Year of Publication 2019.
Series Interfaith Treasures Uncovered - 17.
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There is no life without relationships. In a multi-religious context, for a life of mutual enrichment, a genuine and friendly inter-religious relationship is vital. Such relationship alone defines authentic and matured religious life. This relationship is explored in opportunities to know and understand one another. It finds expression in inter-religious prayer and spirituality with agreed form and right intent. In the cases of inter-religious marriage, it is proved that human love has the capacity to transcend structures and identities. The context of inter-religious funeral, both formal and informal, provides a space for sharing visions of ultimate goal and their impact on the present life. The final testing point is, how inter-religious friends engage in concrete actions for social transformation and world peace. In all these explorations, as argued in this book, the guiding principles are `commitment and openness'.





1. Interreligious Relationship

2. Interreligious Education

3. Interreligious Prayer-Worship

4. Interreligious Marriage

5. Interreligious Funeral

6. Interreligious Engagement

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Rev. Dr. Israel Selvanayagam, a presbyter of the Church of South India, hails from a remote village in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. At the end of his theological education and ministerial training in Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary, Madurai, 1977, he had a `second call' for the new ministry of inter-religious dialogue. Since then his ministry, pastoral and teaching, both in India and the United Kingdom, has an inter-religious focus. He has an impressive publication record both in English and Tamil. Christian World Imprints is pleased to have published his books, most remarkably, `Kristu Bhakti and Krishna Bhakti' (2017) and `Religion and Religions' (2018).

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