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The Year of the Lord's Favor : Eclectic Musings and Essays on Contemporary, Biblical, and Theological Themes
Authorship Description
James Kalong and Foreword by Wati Aier.
Bibliographical Details xii, 197 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486176
ISBN-13 9789351486176, 978-9351486176
Year of Publication 2022.
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The Year of the Lord’s Favor comprises short musings and essays on common Christian beliefs, practices, and issues. Some often confounding concepts in everyday discourses and praxis are addressed for clarity with pertinent biblical nuances. Christian faith as a way of life, the interface between faith and pop culture, Christian ministry and vocation, practices around the Christian Calendar, and biblical themes on freedom, spirituality, and women round up the book.

"The author of the book seeks to order, in different shades of subjects, that the subject and object of Christian faith is God in Christ ... the author's theology is centered in that person -  Jesus Christ. I Hope, James Kalong's book will have a wide range of readers for many reasons, but one thing for sure, his method and mood is unorthodox. That he takes a stand is clear!"  Excerpt from the Foreword by Wati Aier, Emeritus Professor of Constructive Theology and Philosophy, Oriental Theological Seminary, Bade, Nagaland





Part - 1:
New Ways of Contemplation and Praxis

The Year of the Lord's Favor

Born Again or Born OK the First Time?

Not just Fellowship but Koinonia

Am I a Good Neighbor? - A Samaritan's Good Story

Part - II:
Faith and Pop Culture

A Theology of Beauty

Bruce Almighty and the Image of God

Reel Spirituality: Watching Movies with Christian Lens Lighting Up Our Spaces

Part - III:
Contemporary Challenges in Life and Work

Faith as a Way of Life

Work in Spirit

Keeping the Other Six Days Holy

Part - IV:
Setting the Tone for Theology and Ministry

Discipleship of the Mind

"All Things to All People" - Adaptability in Ministry

The Goodness of Doubting

Justice, Compassion, and Humility - A Covenant for Ministry

Destitution - Biblical Insight and Impulse for the Church

Part - V:
Reflections on the Christian Calendar

Quenching Thirst at Lent and After

Not iChristian but a Disciple - Lenten Thoughts

A Triumphal Humility - Revisiting Palm Sunday

The "Dailyness" of Carrying the Cross - A Good Friday Reflection

The Spirit of Forgiveness - The Jesus Way

Digging Our Own Graves to Rise Again - Easter Notes

Grace - The Perfect Christmas Gift

Part - VI:
Essays Biblical and Theological

Signs of the Times: The Politics of the Apocalypse

The Body of Christ - The "Being" of the Church in Biblical and Contemporary Perspectives

Called and Gifted Equally to Serve: Women Ministry and the Pauline Mandate

Following "a glution and a drunkard": Eating as a Prasix for Christian Spirituality

The Poor in God's Image: The Concept of "the Poor" in the Gospels

Calling Charisma "Calling": Envisaging a Charismatic Community beyond Paul's "Body" Metaphor

Freedom by the Spirit: The Responsibility to Love and Serve

James Kalong is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Oriental Theological Seminary, Bade, Nagaland. His other books are Table Talks of Jesus: Didactics of Reversals in the Gospel of Luke and Signs of the Times: The Matrix of Meanings in Revelation 2-3



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