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Forced Migration : Problems, Challenges and Theological Responses
Authorship Description
Editors: Sigamoney Shakespeare and Indukuri John Mohan Razu.
Bibliographical Details xx, 244 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457228
ISBN-13 9789395457224, 978-9395457224
Year of Publication 2023.
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People trying to migrate to other countries drown in sewage canals; freeze to death in remote forests; die of dehydration and starvation after their vehicles break down in the middle of the desert or their boat capsizes. When people in hundreds and thousands are forced to flee due to conflict or war or other circumstances leaving everything behind them. This volume precisely addresses the problems of forced migration and the challenges they face and thus offers theological responses.



Part - I
Conceptual and Theoretical Domain

1. Not to Conflate: Migrants and Refugees
    John Mohan Razu

2. Shrinking Globalization and Rising Nationalism: Human Migration a Global Challenge
    John Mohan Razu

3. Urbanization, Pandemic, Intermittent Lockdown: It’s Impacts on Migrants in India
    Shujayathulla E.

4. ‘Integration’: Migrants and Refugees Approached from an ‘Ethic of Hospitality’
    John Mohan Razu

5. Beyond Skewed Notions of Nationalism: Towards a Compassionate Ethical Comity of Nations
    Sigamoney Shakespeare

6. Distress Migration in Bihar: Factors, Causes and Responses
    Prakash Louis

7. Covid–19 Lockdown and the Plight of Migrants: Challenges and Responses
    Shujayathulla E. and Harshita

8. Changing Contour of Agriculture and Shifting Nature of Labour in the Context of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (Lpg)
    John Mohan Razu

9. Dying to Live: Theology and Migration-Identity Crisis
    Graceson Pavei Ngade

Issual and Perspectival Domain

10. An Appraisal on Migrants at the Roadside: Through a Feminist Lens

11. Forced by Circumstances to Migrate to the Gulf: A Religio-Cultural Perspective (Case of Kenyan Women Working in Gulf )
     Wanjiku M. Kihuha

12. A Case Study: Migrant Workers Suffer Humiliation in Kerala
     Martin Puthussery

13. Re-Imagining Nisungsangla from Ao Naga Perspective: A Theological Response on Forced Migration
     Imsentiba Jamir

14. In Flight: Towards a Pastoral Care to Migrant Workers
     Carmel Burila Villar

15. A Theology of Migration: Migrants as Prophetic Agents of Transformation
     Sigamoney Shakespeare

16. De-Coding Human Trafficking in a Post-De-Globalizing World: Through the Prism of Christian Social Ethics
     John Mohan Razu

Academic and Professional Profiles of the Contributors 

Rev. Dr. Sigamoney Shakespeare, is a Theological pedagogue and researcher. Presently, he coordinates the M.Th. (SEST) program at Hanshin University and serves as lecturer at United Graduate School of Theology Yonsei University South Korea.

Dr. Indukuri John Mohan Razu, Professor of Social Ethics, Author and Social Critic. Presently serves as a Consultant and Research Fellow at the ACTS Academy of Higher Education, Bengaluru.


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