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Basics of Christian Theology : Traditional and Contemporary
Authorship Description
Rev. Amit Thomas.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 166 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481506
ISBN-13 9789351481508, 978-9351481508
Year of Publication 2016.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 43.
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The book attempts to bring the understanding of theology from different aspects and its growth from the beginning to the present day context. The grounding of the research is more or less based on the Serampore syllabus for the better understanding of Christian theology. This book tries to survey the traditional as well as contemporary understanding of theology and brings its relevance for contextual theological developments. It, inter-alia, is an outcome of much discussions, enormous reading, and teaching in the classes.

At the first instance, the book covers different terminological clarifications and then it elaborates on the different streams of Christian theology. It exhibits the basic sources of theology on which the Christian theology has developed and is actively developing in the areas still needed. This book further tries to deal with the historical development of Christian theology where the emphasis has been on the early teachers of: faith (Church Fathers), medieval thinking, enlightenment; and 19th century liberal discussions. The book also deals with the contemporary developments in Christian theology where the discussion on Neo-Orthodoxy, Existentialism is brought forth.

This study on Christian theology, in a simple language, is not only meant for theological students but also for lay-persons, a very great deal of what they need to know for being able to keep themselves up-to-date with the current theological trends all over the world.





1. What is Theology?

       1.1 Defining Theology

       1.2 Terminological Clarifications

       1.3 Development of Theology as an Academic Discipline

       1.4 Branches of Theology

2. The Sources of Theology

       2.1 Scripture

       2.2 Revelation

       2.3 Experience

       2.4 Tradition

       2.5 Reason/Inference

       2.6 Culture/Context

       2.7 Struggles of People

3. Historical Development of Christian Theology-I

       3.1 New Testament

       3.2 Early Teachers of Faith

       3.3 Medieval/Scholastic Theology

       3.4 Protestant Reformation

       3.5 The Enlightenment

       3.6 Liberal Theology of 19th Century

4. Historical Development of Christian Theology-II

       4.1 Neo-Orthodoxy

       4.2 Existentialist Theology

       4.3 Political Theology

       4.4 Contextual Theology

       4.5 Ecumenical Theology



Rev. Amit Thomas is an ordained minister of Evangelical Church of India who hails from Varanasi, North India. He began his theological journey from New Theological College (NTC), Dehradun by completing Bachelor of Theology in 1996. He later went to do the Bachelor of Divinity from Union Biblical Seminary (UBS), Pune in 2001. Then, he obtained his Master of Theology (Christian Theology) in 2007 from Senate of Serampore College (University). Also, as part of his secular education, he did his Master of Arts (History) from Kashi Vidhya Peeth, Varanasi.

He has been teaching in Allahabad Bible Seminary, Allahabad since 2001 in the Department of Christian Theology as Assistant Professor. Apart from his numerous articles which have been published in different journals, his one acclaimed book titled `Christ in Multidimensional Context' also is an integrated presentation of articles. He is blessed with two sons Anant and Arman and living happily with his wife Ashita.

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