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Parenting the Christian Way : Biblical Ideals to Augment the Call of Parenthood
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Athriba Sangtam.
Bibliographical Details xx, 101 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 935148498X
ISBN-13 9789351484981, 978-9351484981
Year of Publication 2020.
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Marriage is instituted by God and thus, everything within the perimeter of a Christian marriage must be considered sacred which includes spousal relationship and child nurturing. Parenting is a gift from God and this gift comes with the responsibility to nurture. Christian parenting derives its insight from the Bible. Adhering to parenting principle based on one’s culture and tradition may differ but as a believing community, subscribing to a common Christian parenting principle is a possibility. Biblical principles apply to all Christians irrespective of color and race. We can come together not just in faith but in the common practice of parenting principles as sanctioned by the Bible. No book on earth is absolute yet the authority of the Bible and the richness of its resources are undeniable. A person / family that live according to the WORD are always on the right track; they are never lost. This book is a call to all Christian parents to respond to the call of God, live and nurture your children according to the WORD. Claim the Promises of God upon you and your family and be transformed into the parent you were meant to be.



1. The Joy of Parenthood
2. Parents of the Bible
3. Principles of Christian Parenting
4. Disciplining Children the Christian Way
5. Leaving Behind Spiritual Inheritance
6. The Disadvantaged Children of Our Times
7. Spiritual Nurturing
8. Understanding a Child
9. The Spousal Relationship vis-a-vis Child Development
10. Partners in Parenting
11. The Grand Role of Grand Parenting
12. The Need for Pastoral Initiatives


Athriba Sangtam is a faculty member at Mt. Terogvü Theological College and the Dean of Leadership Development Centre. He earned his Master’s degree in Christian Ministry (Counseling) from Eastern Theological College under the Senate of Serampore University. He has also authored a book, “Children without Childhood.” Alongside his love for teaching ministry, his passion revolves around subjects such as Child Development and Parenting. He and his wife Likhum are parents to three children Dori, Muwaza and Kehli.

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