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Re-culturation, An Attempt to Reconstruct Northern Indian Chistian Samskaras in the Light of Manusmrti and Law of Moses : A Postcolonial Subaltern Response
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Tapas Ghosh.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 246 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351483487
ISBN-13 9789351483489, 978-9351483489
Year of Publication 2020.
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This book is an exposition to unveil the possibility of the cultural re-construction of North Indian Protestant Christian traditions (Sa?skaras). The foundation of the Indian Church (other than St. Thomas tradition) is laid on the Western pattern and doctrines, and the colonial Church has failed or somehow avoided to use the rich Indian heritage, as the European Church utilized the Greco-roman traditions. Therefore, the native Christians are largely alien to the contextual reality of India, thus, there remains a sustaining cultural and social dilemma.

This scholarly work has explored few new possibilities to re-capture a new Indic vision as the postcolonial quest, by de-colonizing the colonized tradition, with selective use of the Manusm?ti and the Law of Moses, aiming to advocate that Christianity can be fitted within the plurality of Samaj Dharma of India. In brief, the book is a model of Sa?skaric re-culturation towards the cultural Indianness of the Indian Church.



1. Introduction
2. Formative Background and Context of Research
3. The Methodological Consideration
4. An Introduction of the Law (Dharma) of Manu and the Law (Dharma) of Moses and the Selective Samskaric (Sacramental) Praxis for Re-culturation
5. Namakarana Samskara: Re-reading of Christian Naming Historiography in India: A Postcolonial Analysis
6. Samskara of Purification & Conversion Issue: Encountering Jesus 'With' and 'Without' Baptism: An Indian Response
7. Visible Relation, Social Dimension of Re-cultured Christianity in Northern India and Post-colonialism Subaltern Quest

Final Conclusion

Duetsche Zusammenfassung (German Summary)

Dr Tapas Ghosh, Associate Professor of Allahabad Bible Seminary [Senate of Serampore College (University)] was born at Rambati village, Barddhaman Dist, West Bengal, India to an educated Hindu family. In 1990, he accepted Jesus and began his ministerial life since then. After 11 years of being a grass-root evangelist in Tripura and West Bengal, he joined as a faculty in 2001. He completed his B. A. from Burdwan University, B. D. and M.Th (Religions) from Senate of Serampore College, M. A. (Ecumenism) and Ph.D. (Philosophy) from the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Bonn (Germany). Presently, he is pursuing his Postdoctoral research from University of Bonn. Dr. Ghosh is committed in teaching and writing, mainly on Indian culture, religion and mission. His Indic specific narrative and postcolonial analysis has a new academic flavor. Dr. Ghosh is married to Mrs. Hoikhonem Lunkim (of Manipur) and blessed with a daughter Naomi.

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