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Folktales of Mizoram
Authorship Description
Compiled and Edited by Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 275 p. ills. (col.). 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Written Words.
ISBN-10 9351482022
ISBN-13 9789351482024, 978-9351482024
Year of Publication 2017.
Series Mizo Folklore.
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Folktales of Mizoram is a collection of 66 folk tales from Mizoram translated into English for a readership whose interest lies garnered in the various perspectives of Mizo culture: its literature in general and folk tales in particular. The folk tales are full of interesting accounts of male and female protagonists. Different themes have been demarcated for different sections. The book aims at rendering oral literature into a more focused written perspective so that theologians and scholars (secular and non-secular) may like to cite thought-provoking tales in order to make their points clear to their audience. It has been felt that many preachers in the church services do make mention about folk practices and proverbs, folk medicine and wisdom, folk narratives and songs, for inculcating impressive lessons to the people at large. So, in order to provide insights to the people of all walks of life, theologians would like to theologise more of folk narratives & songs in their own respective ways and bring about new hermeneutics. Contents Acknowledgement Introduction Section 1 Inexhaustable Accounts of Mizo Folk-Hero 1. The Man Called Chhurbura 2. Chhura's Magic Horn 3. Chhura Loses His Way 4. Chhura, The Male Nurse 5. Wonderful Flight in the Air 6. Chhura and the Chengkek Fruit 7. Digging Jungle Potatoes (Yam) 8. Sharing a Mithun 9. Nahaia's Pretended Death 10. Chhura's Travel to Mawngping Village 11. Chhura Loses His Crab Curry 12. Chhura and His Enigmatic Whistle 13. Chhura's Fear of Spotted Colours 14. Chef Chhura 15. Chhura and the Beautiful Fly 16. Chhura Joins His Captors to Cut the Tree 17. Chhura's Blanket and Hatchet 18. To Catch a Frog 19. Yet Another Escapade 20. Chhura and Nahaia Exchange Houses 21. Chhura Catches Crab with His Mother-in-law Section 2 Interesting Memoir of Males 22. Lengkawia (Mr. Lengkawia) 23. Chemtatrawta (Mr. Chemtatrawta) 24. Samdala (Mr. Samdala) 25. Hualtungamtawna (Mr. Hualtungamtawna) 26. Chepahakhata (Mr. Chepahakhata) 27. Rahtea (Mr. Rahtea) 28. The Magic Stone (Fahrahtea) 29. Sazaltepa and Bakvawmtepu 30. Phawthira and Hrangchala 31. Hlawndawhthanga (Mr. Hlawndawhthanga) 32. Kawrdumbela (Mr. Kawrdumbela) 33. Chalchima (Mr. Chalchima) 34. Lalruanga and Keichala (Mr. Lalruanga and Mr. Keichala) 35. Vaichaka (The strong man) 36. Liandova and Tuaisiala (Liandova and his younger brother Tuaisiala) Section 3 Memorable Portrayals of Females 37. Thailungi (The lost sister) 38. Hmuichukchuruduni (Miss Hmuichukchuruduni) 39. Chhawnlaihawihi (Miss Chhawnlaihawihi) 40. Mauruangi (Miss Mauruandi) 41. Rimenhawii (Miss Rimenhawii) 42. Kelchawngi (Miss Kelchawngi) 43. Ngaiteii (The sympathetic story of Miss Ngaiteii) 44. Chawngchilhi (Miss Chawngchilhi) 45. Sichangneii (Miss Sichangneii) 46. Vanchungnula (The maiden of heaven) Section 4 Traditional Mizo Love Stories (Story of Love and Compassion of Men and Women) 47. Chawngvungi and Sawngkhara (Ms. Chawngvungi and Mr. Sawngkhara) 48. Tlingi and Ngama (Ms. Tlingi and Mr. Ngama) 49. Raldawna and Tumchhingi (Mr. Raldawna and Ms. Tumchhingi) 50. Chhawrtuineihlala and Tuanpuii (Mr. Chhawrtuineihlala and Ms. Tuanpuii 51. Zawlpala and Tualvungi (Mr. Zawlpala and Ms. Tualvungi) 52. Chala and Thangi (Mr. Chala and Ms. Thangi) 53. Rungi-nu and Thialtea (Ms. Rungi-nu and Mr. Thialtea) 54. Duhmanga and Dardini (Mr. Duhmanga and Ms. Dardini) 55. Chawngfianga and Lianchhiari (Mr. Chawngfianga and Ms. Lianchhiari) Section 5 Animal as Characters Besides Man 56. Tiger-Man and His Beloved 57. The Tortoise and the Monkey 58. The Porcupine and the Barking Deer 59. Monkey and Bear 60. The Bear, the Tiger and the Monkey 61. The Chief's Daughter and the Snake 62. The Tiger and the Frog 63. The Man Who Demanded His Sister's Price 64. A Father Who Abandoned His Two Sons 65. The Father of Seven Sons 66. Two Sisters in Search of Cucumbers Laltluangliana Khiangte is a well-known playwright-dramatist, poet, scholar-critic, essayist, biographer and folklorist from the state of Mizoram. He has not only achieved distinction of being recognized as a playwright and poet but is also one of the most prominent writers and folklorists of North East India. He has received many awards including Padma Shri in Literature for his remarkable contribution to the development and growth of Mizo language and literature.

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