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Reconstructing Theology : Essays in Honour of Rev. Prof. Dr. J. A. Onesimu's 65th Birthday
Authorship Description
Edited by Samuel Jayakumar & K. Vijayan.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 273 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351484343
ISBN-13 9789351484349, 978-9351484349
Year of Publication 2020.
Further Details In Collaboration with Madras Theological Seminary & College, Chennai.
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The book titled Reconstructing Theology draws its name from the word “Reconstruction” refers to rebuilding some of the concepts of modernity while recognizing the questions and challenges of postmodern philosophies and contexts in the postmodern perspective. It has sought scholars and church leaders to reconstruct issues in mission from the Biblical, Theological, Historical, Religious, and Ministerial disciplines. These multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional reflections on various issues challenge to reconstruct a new space where God’s reign is realised in new alternative ways where there are differences but each may recognise the image of God in the other by respecting each other’s human dignity and sharing resources with each other in order to be a part of God’s reign. This volume of reconstructing theology is an attempt to recognize the importance of not just being a critic of old structures, concepts, and beliefs, but tries to provide an alternative to them in the postmodern context of India.


Rev. Dr. Jeong Ho Ryu

Rev. Dr. S. J. Kingsley

Rev. Dr. Samuel Jayakumar & Rev. Dr. K. Vijayan

Biographical Sketch of Rev. Prof. Dr. J. A. David Onesimu
Mrs. Epsi Beulah Onesimu

The Rev. Dr. David Onesimu: The Person I Know
Rev. Dr. Bong Tae Kim

1. Biblical
2. Theological
3. Historical-Missiological
4. Religious
5. Ministerial

Rev. Dr. K. Vijayan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Missiology. He was a former Lecturer at Calcutta Bible Seminary (CBS), Kolkata. Currently, he is teaching at the Madras Theological Seminary & College (MTSC), Chennai; and also teaching at the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute (GLTCRI), Chennai. He holds Doctor of Theology from the Senate of Serampore College (University), Department of Research, SATHRI. His doctoral research area was on “Orlando E. Costas’ Interpretation of Outside the Gate as a Postmodern Missiological Paradigm in the Context of India.” He can be contacted in this e-mail:

Rev. Dr. Samuel Jayakumar, a Langham Scholar, is currently Director of Evangelical Theological Academy. He is the author of Dalit Consciousness and Christian Conversion; Mission Reader; and Renewal of Mission. He has co-edited Mission Mandate ll; and Christian Contribution to Nation Building; Towards an Integral Theology: Festschrift in Honour of Bishop Ezra Sargunam’s 80th Birthday; Towards an Integral Spirituality: Festschrift in Honour of Bishop Sundar Singh’s 75th Birthday. He has contributed articles to academic Journals such as Transformation, Indian Church History Review, Religion and Society and Evangelical Review of Theology.

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