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Living Theologies : Reflections from Diverse Specificities
Authorship Description
Editors: I John Mohan Razu and Arun Kumar Wesley.
Bibliographical Details xxii, 361 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 935148579X
ISBN-13 9789351485797, 978-9351485797
Year of Publication 2021.
Further Details A Festschrift in Honour of Rev Dr Vincent Rajkumar. # In Collaboration with Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (CISRS), Bangalore.
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Living Theologies: Reflections from Diverse Specificities is a compendium of theological, ecclesial and missional articulations from different perspectives that speak to the situations we live by. These reflections have emerged out of the intersections of faith, culture, traditions, ethics, etc., as they provide the rich resource for theologising in a particular context. As we live in difficult situations that are compounded by the pandemic, economic crisis, crony capitalism, discrimination, division and so on, these reflections reassert and reaffirm our faith in God whom we believe.

As our journey of faith is beset with problems and issues that threaten our life and the livelihood of people, these reflections provide the means by which we can strengthen our faith in God as he leads us on. To that end, if these reflections find meaning and relevance, to enlarge the horizons of our understanding of God’s plan for us; to provoke and strengthen our faith and encourage us to move forward with God who enables us by his presence to cope with the situations, the editors would be satisfied.


Biography of Rev. Dr. Vincent Rajkumar
Editors' Preface

Section I - Theology

1. Living Theologies: From Whose Perspective?

2. Living Theology @ 120 F

3. The Politics of Symbols, Speech and Silence: The Kerygmatic Task of Leveraging Language for Liberation and Life

4. Land, Livelihood and Religious Traditions: Re-Configuring Dalit Identity and Re-Imagining a Theology of Life

5. Kingdom of God: An Envisioned New World Order as a Living Theology

6. Towards a Theology of Ahimsa

7. Truth Still Matters! Post Truth Rhetoric and Justice Seeking People

8. Transnational and Trans(a)gressive Multiple Religious Identities: A Public Theological Interrogation of The Multiple Identities of Indian Christian Migrants in the UK

9. Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Justice: Towards a Womanist Theology

10. An Ontological Brooding: An Existential Deconstruction

Secton II - Ecclesiology

11. Can Pastoral Praxis Flourish in Institutional Settings?: A Homiletical and Biblical Exploration

12. Eucharist as Decolonial Practice: Celebrating Communion in the Context of Covid- 19

13. Reading the Joseph Episode in the Book of Genesis from the Perspective of 'Trafficking'

14. Ministerial Challenges: Covid-19

15. The Church in the Age of the Pandemic: Some "Abnormal" Reflections

16. Proclaiming Life by Discerning Hope: Encountering the Power of Death

17. Repression, Resistance, and Resolution - Exploring Transgender Self and Hijra Identity in the Autobiographies of Laxmi and Revathi

18. Towards a Rapid Church Growth Explosion: A New Dalit Ecclesial Paradigm

19. Inclusive Theology: A Prerequisite for Evolving a Trinitarian Third Article Ecclesiology

Section III - Missiology

20. Mission from the Margins

21. Grounded Openness

22. 'Intimate Terrorism' in the Times of the Global Sabbatical

23. In God's World: Called to be One

24. Hospitality in Secular India: Biblical Perspectives from the Old Testament: Poetic and Wisdom Texts

25. Movements Rising to Life With Jesus

26. Ambedkar and Gandhi: A Short Comparative Narrative and Its Relevance for Contemporary Dalits Movement

27. Women in Visual Images: Remapping the Narrative of the Woman who Anointed Jesus (John 12:1-8)

28. The Indian Church, A Nursery for Citizens! Exploration in Theology of Life

29. Unjust Leadership and Its Repercussions: A Case Study

30. Escaped from the Lion But Caught by the Bear: The Dalit Christians Struggle

31. A Common Search for a Relevant Mission: Reflection on the Long Time Swedish Appreciation of the Ecumenical Movement in India


Rev. Arun Kumar Wesley is a former Presbyter of the CSI Karnataka Diocese. He was the Editorial Consultant at Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society. He lives with his wife Rita and son Ashish in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Dr. Indukuri John Mohan Razu is a Professor of Christian Social Ethics. He has taught at the United Theological College (UTC), Bengaluru, and Clarke Theological College(CTC), Mokokchung, Nagaland.Presently, he is serving as a Consultant and Research Fellow for the Doctoral Division of ACTS Academy of Higher Education, Bengaluru. He contributes articles to international and national journals and periodicals;a regular contributor to Nagaland Post (largest circulated newspaper in Nagaland). He is also a member of International Academy of Practical Theologians (IAPT) and People's Union of Civil Rights (PUCL), Bengaluru. Out of his various edited and authored books, Ethics of Inclusion and Equality (3 Volumes) gotpublished by, Geneva, Switzerland.



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