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Church Leadership and Discipleship for Contemporary Church Growth
Authorship Description
M. K. Koshilning Maring.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 145 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486478
ISBN-13 9789351486473, 978-9351486473
Year of Publication 2022.
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Knowing the fact condition of local churches in North-East India, this book seriously dealt with church leadership and discipleship for contemporary church growth based on the great commission. Leadership is necessary to understand for taking up a discipleship role. Intentional- Relational-Discipleship is one of the fastest-growing methods in the local church ministry. Hence, this book teaches how to think and act as a church leader and attain spiritual maturity and work as a disciple-maker. In this book of guidelines and principles of Christian leadership in the local church and discipleship role, the author sincerely affirms that this book shall impart and bring great impact of the highest degree to those who want to serve in the local church administration effectively.



Section One
Understanding the Local Church and Leadership

1. What is Church?
2. What is Contemporary Church Growth?
3. What is the Purpose of Existing the Local Churches?
4. Why the Contemporary Local Churches Cannot Grow?
5. What is Leadership and Who is a Leader?
6. What are the Types of a Leader in the Local Churches/Christian Ministry?
7. What are the Qualifications and Qualities of the Pastor and Deacon to Serve in the Local Church?
8. What is the Call of a Leader in the Local Church?
9. What is the Purpose of Leadership in the Local Church?
10. What is Vision, Goal, and Plan?
11. What is the Importance of Christian Leadership in the Church?
12. How and What are the Principles for Gaining Followers in Church Leadership?
13. What is Personal Development in Church Leadership?
14. What Does the Bible say About Teamwork and the Laws of Teamwork in Church Leadership?
15. What is Church Leadership Sacrifice?
16. What is Church Leadership Decision?
17. What is Church Leadership Authority?
18. How Should Church Leadership Handle Difficult Church Members?
19. How Do We Know the Problems of Unhealthy Churches Today?
20. What are the Strategies for Effective Church Leadership Development?

Section Two
Practical Discipleship in Local Church Ministry

1. Where Do You Get Discipleship Illustrations in the Old and New Testaments?
2. Why Should Understand the Culture and Context of the Local Church for Disciple-Making?
3. Why is Jesus’ Model of Discipleship so Important and Why Make Disciples?
4. What Contemporary Local Churches must have Fundamental Elements to Make Disciples?
5. What Should be the Emphasis and Methodology of Contemporary Local Churches?
6. What is the Difference Between a Disciple and a Christian?
7. What is Discipleship?
8. How to Know what Discipleship is Not?
9. What is the Goal of Christian Discipleship?
10. Who is a Disciple?
11. What are the Components of Discipling Relationship?
12. Who Must Go and Make Disciples?
13. How Should Go and Make Disciples?
14. What is the Purpose of Our Call from God?
15. How to Spend Our Time to Make Disciple?
16. How to Observe Someone’s Spiritual Condition and Lead for Discipleship?
17. Who are They in Discipleship Roles and Whom Should We Make Disciples?
18. How to Know the Success of Doing Discipleship and Church Growth?
19. What are the Rewards, Life After Death for Those Who Preach and Make Disciples?
20. What is Small Group Formation and Why it is so Important in Discipleship?
21. What a Leader Should Do Annually in Leadership Discipleship to See Development/Growth?
22. How Should Become Christlike Lifestyle?
23. What is Pastoral Counselling and Discipleship Integration?
24. What is Action-Oriented Discipling Leadership?

Sources Used

M. K. Koshilning Maring (MDiv, ThM, PhD) hails from Maring Naga Tribe of Manipur. Currently serve as Academic Dean at Chil Chil Global University, Kanglatongbi, Imphal West, Manipur. He served as Academic Dean cum Lecturer at Agape College, Dimapur, for eight years and International Theological College & Seminary, Dimapur for three years. He also served as Mission Secretary at the Mission Department of Chandel Union Church, Dimapur for two years. He is an ordanied minister under MNBA. He is the author of Systematic Teachings of Religious Traditions: A Study on World Major Religions; Tribal Religion; Oikonomia Bible Quiz, etc. He is married to S. Anania Aimol (former Children Coordinator/Education Secretary of ABA) and they are residing at CHAMS Campus.

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