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Children Without Childhood : Towards a Holistic Child Development Considering their Social Dynamics, Biblical and Psychological Foundations, Rights
Authorship Description
Athriba Sangtam.
Bibliographical Details 91 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482707
ISBN-13 9789351482703, 978-9351482703
Year of Publication 2018.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 41.
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To be blessed with the joy of having children is an immense gift. Every special gift comes with responsibility. The joy of having children will be fully experienced only when we nurture them well and safeguard their childhood. For children to experience childhood in its fullness is vital due to the fact that it has a very close link with his/her adult personality. Parents and caregivers are completely accountable for the holistic growth of a child. Reading through this book should enable us to shoulder our responsibility as parents and caregivers towards the sacred task of nurturing children in its fullness considering various aspects, e.g., Social Dynamics, Biblical & Psychological Foundations, Rights, etc. This book expresses the beauty of childhood; beauty that can enhance a child's future. It will prove a boon to our Society at large including the Church.





1. The Initial Encounters with Life

2. Social Dynamics of Child Development

3. Biblical Foundation

4. Psychological Foundation

5. Safeguarding Child's Right

6. Pastoral Care Towards Holistic Child Development



Athriba Sangtam is the Academic Dean at Mt. Terogvue Theological College, Tseminyu: Nagaland. He earned his Master's degree in Christian Ministry (Counselling) from the Eastern Theological College, Jorhat: Assam, under Senate of Serampore University.

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