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Melodies from the Flute : Dialogue among Religions and Cultures
Authorship Description
Editors: Kuruvilla Pandikattu and Thomas Karimundackal.
Bibliographical Details xxviii, 339 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351483258
ISBN-13 9789351483250, 978-9351483250
Year of Publication 2018.
Series JDV Philosophy Series - 2.
Further Details Memorial Volume for Indian Christian Philosopher Rev Noel Sheth. In Collaboration with Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune.
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This is a Memorial Volume for Prof. Noel Kantilal Sheth SJ, a man of ahimsa, compassion and dialogue. Calm and sober in his attitude, he reached out to others respectfully and reverentially. His meticulous and methodological nature and analytic-synthetic mind made him a humble servant, erudite scholar, efficient teacher and responsible administrator. Twenty scholars have contributed in this volume to topics like Creative Dialogue, Practical Compassion, Innovative Inclusiveness, Living Diversity, Collective Search for Wisdom, Commitment to Indian Traditions and Religion for Peace.

This book is about encountering other traditions, building friendly bridges with them, affirming others compassionately, enabling them and appreciating their diversity and differences, through dialogue, interaction and cooperation.




Rev Prof Noel Kantilal Sheth SJ:
Man of Compassionate Dialogue

1. Noel Sheth : Legend of Scholarship and Gentleness / Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ

2. A Saint with Spiritual and Scientific World Vision for Genuine World Harmony / Krishna Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

3. Jesuit Savant's Death Mourned / Jose Kavi

4. Obituary of Rev Prof Noel Sheth (31/10/1943-8/7/2017) / Errol D' Lima

5. Thanksgiving and Farewell Message from Noel Sheth

Introductory Article

1. Triple Dialogue as a Pedagogy for Asia : Learning Together with the Other / Rudolf C. Heredia

Part 1
Christian Basis

2. Jesus as Guest, God as Host : Reflections on Hospitality in the Gospel of Luke / Boris Repschinski

3. An Indian Reading of the Wisdom Metaphors in Wis 7:25-26 / Thomas Karimundackal

4. Building Bridges : Models from the New Testament / Rekha M. Chennattu

Part 2
Indian Roots

5. Early Indian Thought : A Key to Unlock Qoheleth / Selva Rathinam

6. The Rich and Diversified Bhagavad Gita : The Centrality of Gita and Its Relationship to Other Religions / Ithamar Theodor

7. Desiring the Divine : Reinstating the Erotic Subjectivity through the Life and Works of Andal / Nishant A. Irudayadason

8. Psychoanalysis of Girindrasekhar Bose : A Model for East-West Dialogue / Dolicham Kollareth

9. Translation Between the Self and its Colonial Other / Victor Ferrao

Part 3
Religious Vision

10. Revisiting Comparative Approaches in the Study of Religion for Contemporary Times / James Ponniah

11. Human Dignity in Islam : A Bridging Space for Dialogue / J. Charles Davis

12. Living Together in Solidarity : Subaltern Perspectives on Emancipatory Religion / M. D. Joseph

13. Indian Genius for Religious Harmony / Vadappuram M. Jose

Part 4
Scientific Openness

14. Valuing Unities : Reflections from Biology, Philosophy, and Religion on Our Shared Future / Donald R. Frohlich and Felipe-Andre's Piedra

15. Nanotechnology and the Risk of Scientism : Philosophy of Science Perspectives / S. Stephen Jayard

16. Befriending of Science and Religion for the Pursuit of Happiness / Kamladevi Kunkolienker

Part 5
Dialogical Encounter

17. In Search of Dialogical Wisdom / Kuruvilla Pandikattu

18. Inter-Faith Dialogue to Promote Ecological Justice / Mudita Menona Sodder

19. The Dialogue of Civilizations : The Ricci Model / Rt Rev. Thomas Menamparampil

20. Buddhist Compassion Towards Other Religions / Varan Vardhan

21. Desiderata for Religion as a Pathway to Peace / Keith D'Souza

Concluding Article

22. Journeying beyond Boundaries / Subhash Anand

List of Contributors

The editors are both students and colleagues of Professor Noel Sheth. They both reside at Papal Seminary, Pune and teaches at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India. Prof Pandikattu teaches Philosophy and Prof Karimundackal teaches Scripture.

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