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Life and Thoughts of Paul : A Chronological Study of Paul and His Corpus in the Greco-Roman, Jewish, Christian Background
Authorship Description
Jojan Jose.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 258 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 935148534X
ISBN-13 9789351485346, 978-9351485346
Year of Publication 2021.
Series Biblical Hermeneutics Rediscovered - 42.
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The book is meant to give an in-depth exposition of the Life and Thoughts of Paul. The Author has attempted a careful investigation of the Greco-Roman, Jewish and Christian background and how it molded Paul’s life, theology and his worldview. Furthermore, this book deals in detail with the missionary journeys of Paul, his ministry, and his writings in chronological order. The work also reflects the meticulous investigation of the author on historical writings apart from the Biblical sources to provide the actuality of historical Paul to the readers.This book will certainly help its readers to understand Paul’s life, his epistles and his thoughts chronologically.



1. The Developmental Period (5 BC-AD 48)

   1.1. Pre-Damascus Phase
   1.2. Post-Damascus Phase

2. The Missionary Period (AD 48-57)

    2.1. First Missionary Period
    2.2. Second Missionary Journey
    2.3. Third Missionary Journey

3. The Imprisonment Period (AD 57-68)

    3.1. Arrest in Jerusalem
    3.2. Journey to Rome
    3.3. Under House Arrest at Rome
    3.4. Final Roman Imprisonment and Death

4. The Lost Letters of Paul

    4.1. The Lost Letter Prior to I Corinthians
    4.2. The Lost Letter Prior to II Corinthians
    4.3. The Lost Letter to Laodiceans

5. A Chronological Table of Paul and his Epistles


Jojan Jose is a faculty of New Testament in Mission India Theological Seminary, Nagpur and a visiting lecturer of New Testament in MIBC Trivandrum, Kerala. He has received Master of Theology in New Testament from Hindustan Bible Institute & College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu; and Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong, Meghalaya. He is a gifted preacher and teacher of the Word of God. He is the author of The Concept of God in James-Importance and Implications: A Contribution to the New Testament Theology (Notion Press, 2017) and An Interpretation of 1 Corinthians: A Moral and Theological Clarification of Paul to the Ecclesiastical Discrepancies (Christian World Imprints, 2019). He is married to Jaimol. They have been working as Missionaries in North India and are members of the resident faculty at Mission India Theological Seminary, Nagpur, Maharashtra. They have a son, Joash J. Jojan and a daughter Janice Jemi Jojan.

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