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Paul's Theology of Mission to the Nations in Romans
Authorship Description
Rev. Dr. Subhro Sekhar Sircar.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 214 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481379
ISBN-13 9789351481379, 978-9351481379
Year of Publication 2017.
Series Biblical Hermeneutics Rediscovered - 9.
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The book is meant to investigate the preaching of the gospel of God as Paul's mission to the nations in the letter to the Romans. The work begins with an explanation of the topic and its importance in the mission context, which sets the stage for the main body of the book.

As evidence to this purpose, this work first explores the epistolary frame of the letter and contends that Paul basically had a missionary purpose for writing the Romans. The letter opening and closing affirm this divine commission and authority for preaching the gospel to all the nations. Paul skillfully establishes the universal significance of the gospel he was called to preach. Then it further examines God's identity in Paul's mission to the nations. God is the foundation and starting point for Paul's mission to the nations. Paul frequently uses descriptive statements regarding God's acts. He has made it plain that God's true identity is bounded by His actions for His people. These statements clearly demonstrate that the biblical God is not only the divine being, who encompasses divine attributes and nature. He is additionally the One who acts, which forms the distinct Christian identity of God, revealed fully and only in Jesus.

This scholarly work further considers Paul's mission in the context of his missionary function. Paul was commissioned to preach the gospel, and-specifically-his call was to be an apostle to the gentiles; he was set apart for "the gospel of God." The gospel's authority lies with God, who owns it and originated it. The preaching of the gospel concerns God's Son, a promise God made in the Old Testament, which is now fulfilled in the incarnate, crucified, risen Christ. Paul's missionary calling was bringing the nations, both Jews and gentiles, together as one people of God by preaching the gospel. The ultimate goal of Paul's missionary task was joining the Jews and the gentiles in praise and worship of God.

It is evident from this research that Paul's calling and commission were serving as a missionary to the nations. This calling was an integral part of God's redemptive plan, which was marked by the promise of blessing for the nations. Thus, Paul's worldwide mission underscores the Romans' purpose.





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1. Introducton

2. The Purpose of Romans : The Evidence of Mission from an Epistolary Frame Work

3. The Identity of God : The Theological Foundation of Paul's Mission

4. The Missionary Task : Paul's Mission as Preaching the Gospel of God to all the Nations

5. Summary and Conclusion


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Rev. Dr. Subhro Sekhar Sircar, Associate Professor of New Testament, has been teaching New Testament in Faculty of Theology, Serampore College since 1998. Prior to joining Serampore College, he served as pastor for number of years in several independent churches as well as in his home church, Raghabpur Baptist Church. Besides this, he also served as Coordinator for Church Planting Training and Missions Research with National Fellowship, Kolkata, and as Mission Research Coordinator for the State of West Bengal first with Council on National Service (CONS) India, then People India, and The Bible League India for a decade.

He also served as Visiting Professor in Calcutta Bible College and Bishop's College, Kolkata. He has earned his M.Th. in New Testament from Serampore College (University) under NIIPGTS, and Ph.D. in New Testament from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His doctoral work was done on the Epistle of Paul to the Romans from mission perspective.

He has published several articles and essays in journals and books. He also served as Vice-Principal (Theology), and Coordinator, Bible Translation Studies, and serving as one of the Editors of `Indian Journal of Theology'. He is married to Susanna Sircar, who is specialized in Biblical Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling, a counseling practitioner and a freelance speaker, and they are blessed with a daughter Gracia Shobhana (B.S. Chemistry with Pre-medical) and a son Jonathan Shobhan (B.S. Math Junior) in William Carey University, Mississippi, USA.

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