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Jesuit Initiatives in Indian Higher Education
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Edited by Joan Dias, Savio Abreu, S.J. and Keith D'Souza, S.J..
Bibliographical Details xxx, 244 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351485676
ISBN-13 9789351485674, 978-9351485674
Year of Publication 2021.
Further Details In Collaboration with Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Mumbai.
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This collection of articles provides a panoramic perspective of the contribution of the Society of Jesus-commonly known as the Jesuits in the field of higher education in India. In the year 2019. St. Xavier's College, Mumbai celebrated its sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary. On this occasion, several scholars from different parts of India were Invited to present research article connected with the efforts of Jesuits from the 16th century till today in imparting quality formation at the highest levels of institutionalized or formal education.

The first section of the book features general and overarching themes related to Jesuit engagement with higher education. The second section focuses on the historical contribution within specific geographical locations: Bengal, Bombay, Madura and Malabar. Each of these areas was developed by Jesuits who came from different parts of the world to serve the subcontinent in various ways, including higher education.

Besides providing an overview of these interventions in higher education, there is also a critical assessment of the contribution of jesuits in this field. Aspects and contours of future goals and plans are also presented, keeping in mind what is desirable, in terms of creating wholesome conditions for the intergral transformation of all those who are engaged in, and benefit from Jesuit work in the filed higher education in India.




Foreword: Arun de Souza

Introduction: Joan Dias, Savio Abreu & Keith D'Souza

Keynote Address: Impact Making Initiatives of Jesuits in Higher Education in India: S. Ignacimuthu

Part 1: Gereral and Historical Themes of Jesuit Higher Education

1. Integral Transformation: The Jesuit Vision of Higher Education / Keith D'Souza

2. St. Paul's College, Goa: A Beacon of Light in the 16th Century / Anthony da Silva

3. The Jesuit Heritage of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai / Joan Dias and Keith D'Souza

4. Jesuit Contribution to Higher Education in Science in India / Job Kozhamthadam

Part 2: Post-Restoration Jesuit Initiatives in Higher Education

5. The Bengal Jesuit Mission and Higher Education / Xavier savarimuthu

6. Post-Restorative Initiatives in Higher Education: Madurai Mission / S. Ignacimuthu

7. Jesuit Influences on Higher Education in the Bombay Mission: A Liberal, Inclusive and Secular Ethos / Savio Abreu

8. Jesuit Initiatives in Higher Education in Karnataka and Kerala with Special Emphasis on Coastal Karnataka / Denis Fernandes

Part 3: Recent Development in Jesuit Higher Education

9. Eminent Jesuits Contributing to the Social Sciences in India / Walter Fernandes

10. Contribution of Jesuits to social Research in India / Denzil Fernandes

11. Jesuit Initiatives: Teacher Training Institutes in India / D. Thomas Alexander

12. Jesuit Initiatives in Management Education in India / Michael John

13. Jesuit Initiatives in Higher Education in South Asia: Media Education / Vinayak Jadav

14. Jesuit Engineering Education / John Rose

15. Moving Towards Autonomy / Frazer Mascarenhas and Vivien Amonkar

16. New National Education Policy 2020 for Higher Education: Old Wine in a New Bottle / J. Felix Bottle


Dr. Joan Dias (Ph.D in History from the University of Mumbai) is Director of the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture and Editor of Indica.

Dr. (Fr.) Savio Abreu, S.J. (Ph.D in sociology from TISS, Mumbai) is former Director of the Xavier Centre for Historical Research, Goa, and currently Principal of St. Paul's High School, Belgavi.

Dr. (Fr.) Keith D'Souza, S.J. (Ph.D in Philosophy from Marquette University USA) is Rector of St. Xavier's College and President of the Association of Christian Philosophers of India.


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