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The Church Called Out of Exile : A Missiological Narrative in Raising the Quality of the Christian Witness in Post-Christendom Society
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Mario Weyers.
Bibliographical Details xx, 124 p. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486044
ISBN-13 9789351486046, 978-9351486046
Year of Publication 2022.
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US $ 30.00 (Ubd.)
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The Church and her Gospel ministry need to be (re) introduced in the most unlikely of places. Not as old news, but as relevant and timely. It is not necessary and even unlikely to try and turn the clock back to a Christendom context…to the good old days. The Church with her evangelical ministry can once again be the answer for those searching for direction and stability. It is through the ministries of men and women that we reveal to a Post-Christendom world that God cannot be hidden…that God’s new creation is now, is here and for all those longing for it.

By reading the book, the author affirms that whatever holds the readers back…holds them down…or keep them from ministry in this Post-Christendom age will not withstand the presence and calling of a loving God that calls us out of exile to reclaim our communities, regain our cities and recover our churches.




Post-christendom…from reading between the lines to reading between the times

Post-christendom…from importance to significance

When your project struggles: From starting to stagnation

Rekindle your project: From stagnation to inspiration

What God initiates through us he brings to completion

Politics and religion - two sides of the same coin?

Standards and accountability in ministry

The many pitfalls in ministry

The necessity of personal leadership


From butler to builder

Three primary processes when taking initiative in the city

Spiritual warfare is part of a missional spirituality

From social justice to sacrificial living

Conspiracy and false prophecies

Restoring God’s presence and influence in your city

What to do with the “exile” spirit in your community

The remedy is in the reminding

Five aspects of congregational and community transformation

The church...always in need of a Good shepherd


Fruitless prosperity

Two promises to bring your project to fruition

Obedience is the fruit that honours God


Mario Weyers started pastoral ministry in South Africa where he pastored several churches in the Dutch Reformed Church. Having a keen interest in Missiology and Post-Christendom, he developed partnerships with evangelical churches in Post-Christendom Belgium which had a profound influence on his theology and missiology. He has already authored two books. The author is currently a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand.



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